Facing Your Shadow Side to Reach Ultimate Transformation

Imagine yourself as a beautiful, brand-new, tiny, baby.Facing Your Shadow You were perfect. Completely trusting and open.

Now, think of that brand new baby and compare it to a beautiful castle. Imagine your castle has thousands of different rooms. There’s small rooms and big rooms, fun rooms and serious rooms. And all of the rooms are open with lights brightly shining. Just a pure amazing being!

Then, as you grew up, you started bringing people into your castle. As you started bringing in the guests, they started giving your feedback on the rooms (judgments):

“This room’s a bit cold.”
“I don’t like this room, it’s much too dark.”
“It feels too cramped in this one.”
“This room would look much better if it looked like this…”

From that feedback, you start shutting the doors to the rooms in your castle where you were getting negative feedback. And you keep shutting them until one day you wake up and you ask yourself, “Am I only this 40×40 square foot room?” You’ve closed off so many parts of yourself that you’ve forgotten the truth.

You are a vast, beautiful and POWERFUL castle!

Due to childhood conditioning and past experiences, we receive these ideas that make us believe that certain emotions or behaviors are “bad.” We start to believe that it’s not safe to show emotion or behavior or we will be worth less or not as loveable. So, we shut down. We cut those parts off, and we work tirelessly to hide them from the world. We disconnect from the darkness – our SHADOW SIDE.

When we disconnect from our Shadow Side, we limit our power and create loads of struggle in our lives by…

  • Creating limiting beliefs, hurtful habits and sabotages that keep us from owning our light.
    When we close off parts of ourselves and label them as BAD, we leave so much room to create stories and thought and beliefs about what those “bad” things mean about who we are and what we can do.
  • Manifesting “bad” or unwanted things in our lives.
    We will subconsciously create and attract situations and people in our lives who’s only job is to show us our shadow side so that we can face it head on. Because, deep down, we want to be a whole and complete person. The thing is, our subconscious doesn’t always work the way we want it. The subconscious gets the job done in the most direct and sometimes (usually) messiest way.
  • Allowing ourselves to be painfully triggered by our surroundings.
    When the shadow side is the strongest, we cannot even recognize it – so it starts to trigger us from the outside. The things we’re fighting most to hide within ourselves drive us crazy about other people. Those intense judgements mean that it’s within us.

IN order to be whole and in our full power, giving everything we have, we have to unite ALL the parts within ourselves.

We get to Acknowledge the Darkness. And have the courage to open those doors again. Because it’s through and going to the dark shadowy side of ourselves that find our true strength.

Where do you start and how do you begin to take the courageous steps to face your shadow side?

Switch the lights back on & open the doors! Release. Heal. And Open up. Make space for all the light and love to come rushing back in. It’s a confronting and challenging journey, but it’s the only way to know our true strength and to step into our FULL POWER.

Facing my shadow side has been the most powerful part of my journey, and also the greatest gift. That’s why it’s such a huge part of the work we do in our Christallin Coaching Community.

Every day we get to shine a light on our shadow side – on those parts that we thought were too bad and too weak. We go through the process of balancing the shadow and the light that we have within.

This is a real experience, that’s hands-on with lots of processes and confrontational interventions where every single person has the opportunity to transform.

Working on yourself is the greatest investment you can give yourself, when you allow yourself to dig deep and face those big fears.

Face your fears!

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