The Secret to Emotional Balance Using the Five Elements

You Are An Elemental Being.

May the Fire within you burn steady and light your way.

May the Earth within you ensure you stay grounded and centered on your path.

May the Metal within you be indestructible, pliable and smooth.

May the Water within you help you always find your depth and flow.

May the Wood within you fuel the clearing of all energy blockages…..

We Are All Elemental Beings

Dr. Roy Martina’s latest teachings bring together all of the five elements that influence the human body and mind. The Great thing is, you can use this knowledge to create and feel emotional balance within your own life!

The breakthroughs and (near) miracles taking place in our workshops and our private coaching sessions are far too precious not to share.

The Five Elements Pentagram and the Secret to Emotional Balance

The Five Elements for Emotional Balance

Referring back to age-old accepted knowledge, the pentagram is most commonly referred to as the Human Star. Many ancient cultures believed that each of the five points of a pentagram stood for one constituting element of this universe.


Humans are a reflection of the delicate balance of these elements. If we feel great and on top of the world, the qualities of these elements are in balance. The water is not trying to drown out the fire. Nor is the fire threatening to singe the stoic wood.

Balance is the key to a healthy and happy life.

Our emotional makeup is a byproduct of our body’s elemental harmony. If even one point of the star gets skewed, we are tipped out of balance. We may experience anger, frustration and quickly become overwhelmed by lower vibrational emotions.

Do you still feel as if emotions and feelings are the same? Please read our blog Achieve Emotional Mastery and Transform Your Life for more clarity here.

For now, let’s get down to the actionable advice.

Problems and solutions come in pairs. Where there is an issue, there is also a means to resolve it. In the case of emotional agitation and inappropriate reaction to situations, the key to regaining balance lies in bringing the effect of the element, corresponding to the undesirable feeling, back to center and to its natural state. With this, the very cause of upheaval is eliminated, and through equanimity, you can remember to love and accept yourself (and forgive the person(s) involved) quite easily and effectively.

1. When Fire Threatens to Rage:

Fire is heat. It is life. But an excess of fire can quickly turn into rage, at which point we may end up reacting in a way which we might come to regret later on.

The easiest solution to containing this fire, this anger and the stress it brings up, is to resort to a technique called Switching. You need to switch consciously between your left brain (logical) and your right brain (heart brain that governs your emotions) to gradually stabilize yourself.

Let’s use the example of your team leader denying you a promotion, something you had longed for is not working out and it doesn’t feel pleasant. You feel a tension clenching the pit of your stomach and find yourself quickly going through any avenues that could better the situation.

You can’t resign, and reacting in anger will only hinder you. So what alternatives are available? You can have a candid talk with your boss and then ask for a suitable time to discuss how you can place yourself in a better position to receive the next promotion when it comes up for grabs. Taking some time to calm and center yourself, you can switch from an emotional reaction to one which is detached, observant and calm.  Taking time out to ensure you are reacting from a balanced state of mind is the only way to suppress the fire. Accompany this practice with the affirmation…

“I love and accept myself no matter the outcome”

… and you will find that you have created a balanced vibration around a situation that could have otherwise continued to cause more tension and discomfort for you and all those who surround you.

2. When the Earth Shakes:

Earth is the force that keeps us grounded. The slightest shift of tectonic plates has us reeling. So it’s only fitting that the earth element, in relation to our body, is responsible for our sense of security and self-confidence.

When your palms get sweaty and you feel inadequate or unable to handle a situation, the helplessness and lack of power stem from a place of low self-confidence. It may be because of an upcoming exam or job interview, or even the moments before walking down the aisle.

One tool we suggest in any situation where you feel unbalanced is to…

Tap the point right below the left axilla (your armpit) and repeat the affirmation:  “I love and accept myself in this situation << name the situation>> even though I have low self-esteem but now I choose to be in my power”.

3. When the Metal Interferes:

Some metals like gold and platinum are almost indestructible. They endure for ages. In the context of our psychological realm, the element metal relates to letting go, or more specifically, the inability to let go of a situation.

Had a tiff with someone? Feel cheated and humiliated? Forgetting some transgressions doesn’t always come easy.

Your thumbs stand for the component of metal in the strange alchemy that is you. Bouncing your thumbs off the sides of each other helps bring the stubbornness around not releasing a painful situation down to almost zero. The affirmation that should be repeated to speed up the process is:

“I love and accept myself even when I have difficulty letting go of my negative perception of the situation (or the hurt and pain I have experienced in the situation)”.

4. When Waters Become Turbulent:

We are made up of more than 70% water. Even our brain is largely comprised of this life-giving elixir. When our water element is adversely affected by life events or the signal of danger (imagined or otherwise), we experience fear.

Fear is not something that can be fought and vanquished. If ignored it will eventually rear its head in another form, coming back to torment us all over again.

Fear must:

  • Be observed to determine its origin.
  • Be transformed into a more positive emotion by taking action to mitigate the cause.

For example, your child doesn’t return home from school on time and it’s getting late. This can bring up fear and anxiety, but neither is going to help you put things right.

In a situation like this, we would advise you to first observe the fear. It draws its strength from the fact that the whereabouts of your child are unknown.

Next, transform the fear by giving it a new job to do for you.  Turn the energy of the emotion you are feeling into something more constructive. So, in regards to the example above: you could take action by calling all of your child’s friends to determine their possible location.

Keeping a level head may be difficult in such trying times because fear and other related emotions are ALWAYS visceral.

Here’s how you Can Reclaim your Emotional Mastery in 2 Easy Steps:

This quick tapping method will lead to straight back to self-control.

  1. Tap your fear points (these are located under your clavicular/collar bones – see this 2 min video) since they correspond to the balance of the water element in the body and repeat while tapping (with conviction), “I love and accept myself even when I am scared. It’s okay to be scared. And now I claim my power back. I choose to take action and to step back into my power right now!” Inhale and exhale deeply.
  2. Forgive and let go!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always operate from a place of peace and forgiveness?

Minor frustrations, the hectic pace of life and over expectations keep us from being suitably detached from the mayhem that continuously surrounds us.

The result? We explode at the slightest provocation and have difficulty putting even trivial problems behind us. We desperately need stoicism and here is where the element of ‘Wood’, the fifth and final piece of the puzzle, comes into play.

5. When To Use The Stoicism of Wood

Help your liver release toxic energy by gently tapping it to activate more qualities of wood in yourself. Accompany this action with the affirmation:

“I love and accept myself, even if I feel anger and unrest. And now I choose to forgive and let go. I forgive myself.”

Note: “Tapping” has been widely accepted as a means of dissipating energy blockages and stimulating pressure points. It is natural, holistic (it doesn’t focus on limited symptomatic relief) and is extremely easy to practice.

We teach “Emotional Balance” as an essential and foundational part of our widely successful Omega Healing Training to activate the natural, self-healing powers of the body.

The beauty of our work is the fact that anyone – from a toddler to an elder – can implement these simple actions and affirmations into their life. The results are remarkable!

With anger, fear, esteem issues, stubbornness and lack of forgiveness taken care of there is little that can tip you off balance and scramble your calm clarity.

So, what to do now?

Keep practicing and keep these 5 tips handy so you can benefit from them time and time again. Additionally, if you would like to learn more and continue gaining insight into your emotions and your true desires.  No matter how busy you may be, our tools are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and will get the ball rolling towards the life you have always dreamed of living!

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