Quantum ESP – Understanding Extrasensory Perception [The Full Guide]

Understanding Quantum Extrasensory Perception

On this page, we’ll share all of our relevant resources and blogs related to the subject of extrasensory perception and channeling.

By doing so, we’ll guide you along the journey towards fully understanding the mystery of Quantum Extrasensory Perception. We’ll start with the basics, like ‘What is ESP?’ and ‘What is Channeling?’ and eventually, we’ll answer all of your Quantum ESP-related questions, like ‘How does ESP work?’ and ‘Who can become a channeler?’

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Quantum ESP Table of Contents


What is ESP?

As we mention in our blog post on this specific subject, ESP: What is Extrasensory Perception?, in its simplest form, extrasensory perception means being able to perceive things outside of the five physical senses of touch, sight, taste, hearing and smelling.

But in general, when we’re talking about extrasensory perception, we’re not talking about being able to see infrared rays or ultrasound frequencies. We are talking about accessing energy, frequencies or vibrations (let’s just call it information to keep it short) from outside of our 3-D reality. Whether it’s information from the future or the past, information from another plane or dimension, or information from another place in the universe, extrasensory perception allows us to see outside of the 3-D box we’ve been programmed into our entire lives and see into the infinite Quantum Multiverse of limitless possibilities.

Click here to read the full blog post, ESP: What is Extrasensory Perception?

How does Extrasensory Perception Work?

As we discuss in greater detail in our post, ESP: How Does Extrasensory Perception Work?:

Many of the techniques within the realm of extrasensory perception work when the practitioner sets a specific intention (higher self connection, vocal channeling, astral travel, etc.) and then, typically through meditation or hypnosis, allows their body to reach a certain level of relaxation, slowing down their brainwaves from the beta brainwave patterns down to the theta brainwave patterns. 

Then, depending on their intention, the practitioner can begin to receive information from the 5-Dimensional Quantum Multiverse of Infinite Possibilities that exists outside of the 3-Dimensional confines of time and space. Because the Quantum Information Field is truly limitless, there is no information that can be imagined that cannot be accessed. Past, present and future are all one where there is no time. Because there is no time, space can be traveled instantaneously, meaning, at this point, the practitioner has access to everything that there is, everything there ever was and everything there ever will be, spanning across an infinite number of parallel timelines that simultaneously exist independently. 

This information is received through the pineal gland (and through training), processed in the brain in it’s preferred output (visual, auditory, written, sensing, etc) and then output by the practitioner in the preferred form (spoken, written, visualized, etc.).

To learn more about How ESP works, check out the full blog post, ESP: How Does Extrasensory Perception Work? 

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What are the Different Forms of ESP?

There are many different forms of Quantum Extrasensory Perception. Some may be familiar, some may be new. There are a few different groups of ESP, and within those, more specific abilities, senses or techniques.

  • Extrasensory Abilities (aka Clair-senses)
    • Clear knowing (aka claircognizance)
    • Clear sensing/feeling (aka clairsentience)
    • Clear audience (aka clairaudience)
    • Clairvoyance
    • Access to the Akashic Records
  • Connection
    • Higher Self Connection
    • Quantum (Future) Self Connection
    • Consciousness Connection (includes Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, etc.)
  • Channeling
    • Automatic Writing (also applies to Typing, Dictation, Drawing Art, Maps or Blueprints, Writing Music or Lyrics, etc.)
    • Vocal Channeling
    • Full Body Channeling (also includes shaking, speaking in tongues, deep trance dance, etc.)
  • Telepathy
    • Mind reading
    • Medical Intuitive
  • Astral (Out of Body) Abilities
    • Astral travelling (also includes Time and Interdimensional Travel)
    • Astral projection
  • Remote Abilities
    • Remote viewing
    • Remote Influencing
    • Remote Healing 
    • Remote Sensing

Learn more about each of them here: What are the Forms of Extrasensory Perception?

What is Channeling?

Channeling is the act of completely or partially stepping out of your conscious mind, and allowing yourself to receive information (energy, frequency, vibrations) from an outside source, combined with the ability to translate these signals into usable information.

Read more about Channeling here: What is Channeling?

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing, like vocal channeling, is a form of channeling in which the channel receives information from an outside source through their extrasensory abilities, but rather than speaking the information (like in vocal channeling), the channel writes it down or types it out.

You can learn more about the differences between automatic writing and vocal channeling by viewing our What is Automatic Writing? blog post!

What is Full Body Channeling?

Meanwhile, full body channeling is different from automatic writing and vocal channeling because it requires fully stepping out of your mind and ego and also releasing control of your body, thus allowing a non-corporeal entity to use your body, whether for healings, speaking, drawing, or something else. 

Note: This is a very rare skill set. Not many that attempt to master it will ultimately succeed because of an inability to completely surrender their body.

Want to see some examples of full body channelers? Check out our What is Full Body Channeling? post for videos and more explanation.

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What is Clairvoyance?

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