What is Full Body Channeling?

What is Full Body Channeling?

In our two previous posts, we’ve discussed What is Channeling? Is and two of its forms: automatic writing and vocal channeling. 

Vocal channeling is much more popular in both pop culture and channeling circles, since automatic writing isn’t nearly as interesting to be an audience member for. But both are valuable forms of channeling. Many books about channeling are actually channeled and written using automatic writing.

automatic writing

What is Automatic Writing?

As we mentioned in the last post, What is Automatic Writing?, automatic writing, like vocal channeling, is a form of channeling in which the channel receives information from an outside source through their extrasensory abilities, but rather than speaking the information (like in vocal channeling), the channel writes it down or types it out.

Automatic writing can be very useful for writing books, while vocal channeling can be very useful for sharing a message with a person (or group of people) or answering questions in real-time.

In this post, we’ll discuss the ultimate goal of channeling: full body channeling.

Full body channeling allows for information to be passed through in a much wider range of ways. Whether it’s painting a canvas, playing piano, dancing salsa, communicating with gestures or drawings to a room of people; there is a wide range of uses for full body channeling. 

But first, let’s define what exactly full body channeling is.


What is Full Body Channeling?

Full body channeling is different from automatic writing and vocal channeling because it requires fully stepping out of your mind and ego and also releasing control of your body, thus allowing a non-corporeal entity to use your body, whether for healings, speaking, drawing, or something else. 

Note: This is a very rare skill set. Not many that attempt to master it will ultimately succeed because of an inability to completely surrender their body.

Full Body Channeling in Action

To get a better sense of full body channeling, it might be easier to see it in action. Some of the most famous channelers in our era are Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, and Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar.

With her relationship with Abraham, Esther Hicks has reached the upper echelons of success, most notably writing The Law of Attraction and The Secret, both groundbreaking books in the personal development field.

Video Examples of Full Body Channeling

Abraham Hicks & Esther Hicks




Bashar & Darryl Anka



As you can see, there are different ways to full body channel and things like whether your eyes are open or closed, or if you are male or female, will not ultimately affect the process. The truth is, the way the entity is channeled is based on the agreement made between the channel and the entity before the channel was born.

In a future blog post, we’ll discuss pre-birth agreements and their importance regarding the type of channeler or extrasensory practitioner you become.

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