ESP: What are the Forms of Extrasensory Perception?

What are the Forms of Extrasensory Perception?

Quantum Extrasensory Perception

As we discussed in our first post in our Quantum Extrasensory Perception seriesWhat is ESP? – extrasensory perception is a rather broad term that most directly refers to the ability to perceive things outside of the five physical senses of touch, sight, taste, hearing and smelling.

As we mentioned previously, this most typically is not referring to see infrared or hearing ultrasound, but rather, to accessing information from the Quantum Multiverse of Infinite Possibilities.


In this post, we’ll provide a brief overview of the different forms of extrasensory perception. Some, you may have heard of before, like channeling, while others, like clairaudience, may be less well-known. In the following posts, we’ll discuss each one in further detail, providing descriptions and examples. Pay attention to any moments of intuition as you read these, you might be receiving a signal that one of these forms of ESP is your calling!

The Different Forms of Extrasensory Perception

  • Extrasensory Abilities (aka Clair-senses)
    • Clear knowing (aka claircognizance)
    • Clear sensing/feeling (aka clairsentience)
    • Clear audience (aka clairaudience)
    • Clairvoyance
    • Access to the Akashic Records
  • Connection
    • Higher Self Connection
    • Quantum (Future) Self Connection
    • Consciousness Connection (includes Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, etc.)
  • Channeling
    • Automatic Writing (also applies to Typing, Dictation, Drawing Art, Maps or Blueprints, Writing Music or Lyrics, etc.)
    • Vocal Channeling
    • Full Body Channeling (also includes shaking, speaking in tongues, deep trance dance, etc.)
  • Telepathy
    • Mind reading
    • Medical Intuitive
  • Astral (Out of Body) Abilities
    • Astral traveling (also includes Time and Interdimensional Travel)
    • Astral projection
  • Remote Abilities
    • Remote viewing
    • Remote Influencing
    • Remote Healing 
    • Remote Sensing


Forms of Quantum ESP

As you can see, there are a variety of different forms of QESP, and while they all fall under the practice of Extrasensory Perception, they are all specific abilities, senses or techniques.

  • Extrasensory Abilities (aka Clair-senses)

    • Clairvoyance is the most commonly discussed of the ‘Clair-senses.’ The difference between these Extrasensory Abilities and the rest of the forms of Extrasensory Perception is that the ‘Clair-senses’ function like additional senses. The sense of knowing, or seeing, or hearing, etc. function for these QESP practitioners the same way the smell or hear in 3-Dimensional Reality, except they are also open to receiving information from the 5-Dimensional Multiverse.
  • Connection

    • Connection typically refers to the broad ability to receive guidance, information or wisdom from a higher source. While this can come in the form of channeling, Connection can also refer to a strong sense of intuition, or signs of synchronicity, that show you that you’re on the right path.
  • Channeling

    • Channeling is one of the other more commonly discussed forms of Extrasensory Perception. Channels, also referred to as mediums, are able to allow an outside source of information communicate through them. This can be through writing, speaking, drawing, dancing, or any other number of ways.


  • Telepathy

    • Telepathy is one of the more popular forms of extrasensory perception in pop culture. Also known as Mind Reading, telepathy is the ability to tap into another’s thoughts. Within this category we also include Medical Intuitives, who can sense another person’s body’s autonomic system and help to heal them.
  • Astral (Out of Body) Abilities

    • With Astral Abilities, the QESP practitioner is performing an out-of-body experience and accessing their astral form. By leaving their body and controlling their astral form, they are able to travel or project this form through space, time, dimensions, or even dreams.
  • Remote Abilities

    • Like the name implies, Remote Abilities are conducted remotely – meaning from a remote location. This is different from Astral Travel, in which the practitioner is performing an out-of-body experience. With Remote Abilities, the practitioner is viewing, influencing, sensing or healing from a distance, through the Quantum Information Field.

In the following posts, we’ll dive deeper into each of the forms of Quantum ESP so make sure to check out and bookmark our full guide to stay up to date!


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