ESP: How Does Extrasensory Perception Work?

How Does ESP Work?

In our last post in the Quantum Extrasensory Perception series, we discussed what extrasensory perception is and its inherent relationship with your sense of intuition. While they are not one and the same, as we mentioned, honing your sense of intuition – in many ways – is the gateway to accessing your extrasensory perception. 

This is because of two main reasons. The first is that you are learning to trust an “internal” sense that is not one of your five main senses of touch, sight, hearing, smelling or tasting. Instead, your sense of intuition is something else entirely. And learning to trust that over your logical, rational mind is the first step towards learning to quiet your ego and allow a higher knowledge to reach you.

The second reason is that the information you receive through your intuition is not necessarily coming from within you. But rather, it is information that you are receiving during brief moments of connecting to the source of that higher knowledge. 

Quantum ESP: What is the source of higher knowledge?

The higher source of knowledge we access during channeling, or brief moments of intuition throughout the day, is best known as the Quantum Multiverse of the Quantum Information Field. It can even be understood as the Universe, the Source, or even God. It is the unexplainable everything.

We will dedicate a blog post or two to exploring this subject further in this context, but if you’re looking for more information regarding how Quantum Science works and what exactly is meant by ‘the Quantum Multiverse,’ check out our previous Healy-related series, How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend. It starts with the basics and explains the fundamentals of quantum science for those new to the subject.

In this post, we’ll continue on with our exploration of how extrasensory perception – perceiving information outside of the five physical senses – works.

Extrasensory Perception: How Does ESP Work?

Many of the techniques within the realm of extrasensory perception work when the practitioner sets a specific intention (higher self connection, vocal channeling, astral travel, etc.) and then, typically through meditation or hypnosis, allows their body to reach a certain level of relaxation, slowing down their brainwaves from the beta brainwave patterns down to the theta brainwave patterns. 


Then, depending on their intention, the practitioner can begin to receive information from the 5-Dimensional Quantum Multiverse of Infinite Possibilities that exists outside of the 3-Dimensional confines of time and space. Because the Quantum Information Field is truly limitless, there is no information that can be imagined that cannot be accessed. Past, present and future are all one where there is no time. Because there is no time, space can be traveled instantaneously, meaning, at this point, the practitioner has access to everything that there is, everything there ever was and everything there ever will be, spanning across an infinite number of parallel timelines that simultaneously exist independently. 

This information is received through the pineal gland (and through training), processed in the brain in it’s preferred output (visual, auditory, written, sensing, etc) and then output by the practitioner in the preferred form (spoken, written, visualized, etc.).


Quantum Extrasensory Perception

There’s obviously a lot to unpack here. In our next posts, we’ll discuss the different forms of extrasensory perception, including the ones mentioned above (higher self connection, vocal channeling, astral travel), and, in a separate series of posts, we’ll dive deeper into the mechanics working behind the scenes that allow us to receive information from the Quantum Multiverse.

Quantum Extrasensory Perception Masterclass

Interested in diving deeper into exploring your extrasensory perception abilities? Consider the Quantum ESP Masterclass. This course will teach anyone from beginners to experienced clairvoyants alike how to hone and develop their extrasensory perception. The Quantum ESP Masterclass – 100 Days to Change Your Life.

Looking for more Quantum ESP information? Check out our full guide here: Quantum ESP – Understanding Extrasensory Perception

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