How Sour Are You?


Many don’t know that all kinds of health problems can arise from the acidification of the body.

Due to our current diet with a lot of animal proteins, sugars, fats, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks and our irregular and often stressful lifestyle, the body produces a lot of acid waste.

Since the body cannot excrete or neutralize all of these, the acids are stored in different parts of the body.

Life starts at 40!

In fact, research at the University of Austin has shown that most people in their forties turn out to be much more comfortable in their own skin and have a much more pleasant life than is often thought. The researchers at that Texas University sent questionnaires by email to some 120,000 people, and the results were, in the words of psychologist Samuel Gosling, “extremely surprising.”

According to Gosling, “until now we have assumed that the human personality is largely fixed by the age of 30, but our research indicates not only that personality continues to develop, but above all that this process accelerates remarkably between the ages of 40 and 50” .

And this has mainly positive consequences, because people in their forties often appear to be much more relaxed, and therefore, much more pleasant for others than when they were only in their thirties. According to the Journal of Personality article in which this study is published, “pleasantness” is growing as people in their forties appear to be much more accepting of their own personality and status than previously thought.

Other stuff happens after 40 as well.

That sounds very positive, doesn’t it?  But as you know, there are two sides to every story.

Especially after the age of 40, the acidic deposits in the joints, connective tissue, muscles and blood vessels increase at a rapid rate.

The body acidifies and you literally turn sour!

Depending on the places in the body where the acids accumulate, all kinds of acidification complaints can now arise, such as:

  • muscle aches
  • joint pains
  • fatigue
  • skin issues
  • fungal infections
  • inflammation

In a second phase, depending on the predisposition, acidification can lead to chronic metabolic disorders, such as:

  • arthrosis
  • gout
  • arthritis
  • high blood pressure
  • fibromyalgia
  • high cholesterol
  • osteoporosis
  • kidney stones
  • diabetes
  • psoriasis and eczema
  • menopausal issues

Where do acids come from?

  • stress, fatigue: uric acid
  • meat, animal proteins: uric acid
  • sugars: fatty acid
  • excessive muscle strain; lactic acid
  • coffee, black tea, red wine: tannic acid
  • spinach, black tea: oxalic acid
  • pork, eggs: sulfuric acid, nitric acid
  • medicinal drugs: tartaric acid, acetylsalicylic acid

It can happen to the best of us!

The chance that you already have or will get complaints due to acidification is very high. Every person becomes bitter gradually as he or she gets older.

Sooner or later, depending on the diet and lifestyle, the body will acidify: to some it may happen faster than to others.


What can you do yourself against acidification?

The way to combat acidification and related chronic complaints is by deacidifying the body on a daily basis (the process in which the flow of waste decreases and built-up acid residues are removed from the body).


  1. Looking at where the acids come from and actively doing things differently.
  2. Transform your diet and lifestyle, for example, by:
  • consuming alkaline products (broccoli, celery, green beans, etc.)
  • yoga, meditation and other stress-release activities/relaxation (check in our webshop)
  • extra bicarbonates via drinking water with alkaline drops or swallowing special coated alkaline tablets (organic/natural health stores)
  • deacidifying and mineralizing baths with alkaline bath salts
  • special deacidifying herbal teas (organic/natural health stores)

It’s up to you!

Life is to be enjoyed, and it does not matter whether you are before, during or after your forties. 

The biggest part is in your own hands and by becoming aware, being conscious and taking the right steps it can indeed be a life of grace, ease, joy, happiness and gratitude.


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