New Research Gives Hope: "Placebo Effect" Shines Light on Self-Healing


Where does HEALTH rank on your priority list?

For most people it sits pretty close to #1!

And for a good reason…….Without the gift of good health, each day can literally become a struggle just to get through.

Pain, aches, weakness, lethargy, combined with the emotional stresses and worries of the unknown can quickly become a heavy burden to bear.

Now more than ever, spirituality is blending with science to prove what Shamans have been saying forever…… Which is that we each have immense amounts of self-healing powers and that our mindset and personal vibrational frequency play a role in our overall health and even our healing process!

cure-1006812_640There has been a trend recently in the number of scientific studies done on the “placebo effect.” (meaning anyone who has shown improvement from receiving any form of “fake” treatment)

Time after time, we see the symptoms in our placebo groups are lessened and that people are in fact healing. Although this group would also include people who would have shown improvement in their condition regardless… We are still seeing that there are numerable measurable improvements seen in people who merely believe that they have been given the “fix.”

There is a wonderful article by Carolyn Gregoire in Huffington Post titled, Placebo Effect Puzzle Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads if you would like to read more about these studies and their fascinating results.

Now, if you have been diagnosed with any serious illness, like cancer, it’s clear that the way you use your mind can make a huge difference in what happens to you and your chances of getting through it.

When your mind truly supports and believes you will heal, the positive effects can range all the way from reducing adverse effects of treatments, improving your emotional well-being, to surviving and even thriving through the experience. What a breath of fresh air and hope!

Renowned medical doctor, Dr. Roy Martina has had a deep belief in promoting this theory for decades. It was even the foundation for his revolutionary Omega Healing Program.

His ability to look at the entire person, not just their symptoms, enabled him to create powerful whole-brain reprogramming techniques that have revolutionized the fields of personal development, coaching and life rebalancing and overall healing. He has even gone on to train over 250,000 people including doctors, professors, therapists, coaches and managers worldwide.

So….What does it all mean?

spiritual-awakening-course1When it comes to healing from any illness or disease, from the most minor to the
more serious, it is important that we view the body as a complex and complete unit consisting of body, mind, and spirit.

When presented with the diagnosis of any serious illness, like cancer, it can be easy to lose your emotional strength and clarity when you need it most. By using the right tools to connect to the power of your mind and to reconnect with your own inner strengths and resources…..

…You will find it easier to adopt the positive outlook you need in order to give yourself the best possible chance at health.

In fact… All of our bodies speak to us through symptoms… so why aren’t we eager to listen?

In this fast-paced world, we are constantly bombarded by endless stimulation and this plays a huge factor in why so many people are so disconnected from their bodies and the messages they are being sent on a daily basis. If we truly take notice we may find ourselves numbing the pain or ignoring what we feel more often then we would like to think.

In order to reclaim our health and the innate ability our bodies have to self-regulate, seek balance (homeostasis), and heal, we need to tune into both our physical and emotional selves.

By combining traditional healing methods with the healing powers of the mind, we have a greater chance of truly healing the source and not just treating the symptoms.

It’s a fact that many people dealing with serious cancers and life-threatening illnesses are confronted with death… and as long as fear exists within them….. the healing process may be hindered because the vibration that fear sends out can actually send fuel to the sickness.

12572989_330549563735978_782162066506172060_nWe see that in patients who are able to let go of fear and “accept” the situation that has presented itself in their life, miraculous things can and do occur.

Meaning, if we take away the fear…… we can focus on living… It’s subtle but very important.

In Tibet they say… “Only when you accept to die can you live!”

So if we take all and any fear of death away……then there is energy left for healing.

It’s a really interesting concept, but did you know?

Anger is found in over 80% of people with cancer.

In order to heal we know that they need to forgive, and this can be one of the hardest things to do.energyhealing2

Through the subconscious mind, we have the ability to connect with the immune system and say,“I love myself and there is no room for sickness here”  You CAN change your resonance!….

…..You can remove the emotions from the diseased cells and assist in helping them to actually WANT to leave your body.


Create the image of perfect health harmony joy & vitality…. Feel deep within you that a healthy future is coming to you every day, closer and closer…
Say softly, but with conviction, in yourself…01:02:16 Branded
The first step to complete healing is to release any limiting beliefs surrounding your health and know that you have a tremendous amount of healing power within and all around you.


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