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Dr. Roy Martina’s 35 years of experience as a holistic doctor and trainer condensed into a 5-day workshop! In this workshop Roy shares the most practical, most effective and most fast-working techniques that made him THE holistic doctor in Europe. 

What will you learn?

Each day of this 5-day event contains a central topic that has to do with the challenges of the human existence and the way we deal with our daily problems.

Day 1: Learn how to deal with illness & physical challenges through mind control.

Day 2: Learn how to deal with emotional stress and setting your boundaries. Learn how to condition your body and mind by transforming your emotions quickly into power.

Day 3: Learn how to heal your soul and reclaim your power. Learn about how soul fragmentation and karmic links keep you attached to the negativity of other people.

Day 4: Learn how to resolve negative karma from past lives and this life. You will learn how to burn karma and raise your vibrational frequency on a daily basis.

Day 5: Learn how to work with your Higher Self and to raise your vibrational levels and affect your life and future, and change negative thoughts rapidly.

Live demonstrations, healings and special altered state meditation sessions each day!

Get the complete 5 day training as a video on demand and study in the comfort of your own home. You can watch them whenever, wherever you want and as often as you like – it’s almost like Roy coming to teach you at home!

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