Step Into Your Power

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Do you possess the ability to maintain your equanimity even in the midst of utter chaos? Do your friends call you ‘the rock of Gibraltar’? Do you have an unshakeable belief in a destiny of success? A mind-set this positive is the key to a fulfilled life where things line up for you easily and gently. But it sounds fanciful and difficult to achieve. Well, not anymore! Drs. Roy and Joy Martina of the Christallin fame have created a revolutionary program which can communicate with the slumbering unconscious through the power of the Theta state, frequently known as the ‘Bridge between the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious’ and corresponding to a deeply relaxed brain operating at 4 to 7 cycles per second. When an individual is in Theta, thoughts, suggestions and beliefs are created and modified within seconds.

Zen monks take 20 years to reach this magic meditative haven! You can do so in a couple of sessions with the specially programmed sleep hypnosis audio,  Christallin’s Step into Your Power.

We define it as a subliminal learning system where sleep affirmations and special sound bites first guide you into deep theta and then directly communicate with your sub-conscious mind to dispense the ancient secrets of health, success, abundance, wellbeing and longevity!!

Learn while you sleep and bid adieu to your worries and stress. It is a power packed audio program meant for people who take life and success seriously.

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