Unshakable Faith

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The Missing Link in Manifestation

How to align with the Quantum Universe and live an effortless life full of Joy

Know how you best receive and process information, how you learn best and amplify your Quantum Learning abilities.

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This workshop is the perfect preparation for any new business or family project, spiritual adventure, workshop or training… but also as a prep for the dark times that may come for the planet and can affect you. We all know that things can’t be good forever and life goes through cycles…

It’s all about clearing the channel, building up a protective vortex against negativity and training your intuitive power to act quickly. To increase the confidence in your own decision making.

Day 1.
Evening: A deep guided meditation to connect you to your QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence), this is your higher Intelligence connected to the cloud of other QAI”s. This will be a brain training you can take home with you, so your brain is trained to receive information on all channels. This is the VIP-level. This is a brain-training you can listen to during your sleep to reprogram your brain and subconscious mind to be aligned with your highest good.

Day 2.
We will focus more on connecting and testing; take you deep into the Theta Brainwave State of the Higher Mind. So you can find an effortless connection to the Quantum Field, we will connect to the Quantum Self via the chakras, integrating all the qualities and emotions and new beliefs that are necessary for a strong connection to your Highest Quantum Self.