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The number of people trying meditation and brain-training has increased massively in the western world since science has begun proving the large list of benefits these can have on the human body and it’s overall health and well-being.

The interesting thing we now know is that stress reducing, mindfulness practices can actually have profound benefits for ALL age groups, from infants to senior citizens.

With more children than ever before being exposed at an early age we are seeing that they will experience even farther reaching benefits than those who start in adulthood.

By learning to connect with themselves from an early age, a child’s brain and mental capacity will begin to develop rapidly. They also become more in tune with, and able to label, deal with and express their emotions more effectively.

Even though meditation was originally meant to progress a person’s spiritual path, it is now widely used for its stress reducing and health improving benefits.

When it comes to any type of self-improvement and insightful brain training we believe in: “the younger the better” and “it’s never too late to start”

Whether you are like our 6-year old daughter Grace, a teenager like our sons Jacob & George, a young entrepreneur like our son Joey or a seasoned teacher like our Granny…

The amazing tool of meditation is accessible to everyone!

We are delighted to see the beginning of a trend towards mindfulness being widely incorporated into school curriculums and senior citizen home programs all around the western world.

The different types of benefits we see in all ages come in the form of:

Physiological: Improved memory – Greater creativity – Reduced anxiety – Prevents addiction – It especially helps kids focus for longer periods of time, is an invaluable tool to help balance ADHD and helps them cope and navigate through a world of increasing distractions.

Spiritual: Increased intuition – Clearer sense of purpose – Feeling of connection to other people – Ability to let go and go with the flow of life – More mindful of their surroundings.

Physical: Better immune system – Relaxed muscles – Reduced pain – Better sleep.

Emotional: More confidence – Positive attitude – Overall happiness.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.26.38 PM


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.35.22 AM

SuperStock_1589R-28575The same benefits can be seen in senior citizens. In addition they report to experience a lessened sense of loneliness, better digestion and better long term and short term memory recall. These are just a few, but they really are limitless.

Furthermore, meditation helps us stay young and counteract a major factor in premature aging which is: STRESS!

For the elders in our society, we can see improvement in their overall quality of life, reduced end-of-life anxiety and more happiness overall!

Naturally, many experts believe meditation to be the “Fountain Of Youth” for both the body and brain.

Our lives can be busy!

In today’s society especially, we always seem to be rushing around, coming from or going somewhere.

Finding more time to spend together as a family is a hot topic these days and brain-training together can be a great way to fit in an experience that will bring more mindfulness, peace, and love into your circle.^8D1E407F37D8A837054FEB2D686678033A974F9382D3E8C76A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Some tips for beginning a program with your family:

1.Start by explaining what it is you will be doing. Set up a calming space and explain what the practice will look like. (either sitting comfortably with your eyes closed or laying down.)

2.Set aside regular times to do your practice. Decide how often you will practice and stick to these times whenever possible to build up a routine and to let the benefits start to grow.

3.Remind your family that everyone’s experience will be unique. Let them know that whatever happens to them is perfect just the way it is. Remember not every time will be the same.

4.Don’t worry if there are bumps in the road. Everyone should embrace mindfulness on their own terms. So be patient with your family members and lead by example.

We Encourage You To Try Our Free Family Brain Training Audio Below….

>>It is an intimate moment, shared with you, of our entire family together. We recorded it in our home setting and you will see how our whole family plays a role in this experience.




Dr. Roy Martina, MD, and Dr. Joy Martina, PsyD

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.41.33 AMKnown worldwide as a Transformational Success Couple, Dr. Roy, MD, and Dr. Joy, PhD, are leaders in the field of transformational change and brain training. Together they have taught over 250,000 people to reach their full potential in all areas of life. Joy and Roy together have over 40 years experience teaching & coaching in the areas of personal development. They have also individually created phenomenal success dedicating their lives to empowering others to become the Grandest Version of themselves. Some of their most renowned programs include the Omega Healing Method, Ultimate Habits Program, Ultimate Results Coaching, Sleep Your Fat Away Weight Loss Program, Theta Chi SleepProgram, The Pong Youp Method and much more. They’re married with 5 kids & have an evolving spiritual partnership that calls each of them to continually step into the Greatest, Grandest version of themselves while supporting others to do the same.

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