I Did This (And It Changed Everything): The Virtual Gastric Band

Even if you have never considered Gastric Bypass Surgery or don’t know what it is, read this post.

What I’m going to share with you can benefit anyone who wants to become their healthiest and happiest self. 

So first things first, we ALL have the tendency to overeat, especially when we’re eating & enjoying really good food. When we eat good food, we want to eat A LOT of it. Am I right?!

Even slim, healthy people overeat, and if they’re not careful, over time this creates a habit that leads to weight gain.

Me? I LOVE to eat!

I’m from the Caribbean, and we love to eat.

Eating serves so many purposes from exciting our taste-buds, to fueling our bodies and eating with others nurtures our relationships. It’s what we all have in common and eating together brings us closer together.

Roy Martina - Transformation

I had the habit of overeating for over 40 years, but what I’m about to share with you changed me overnight. 

This was my greatest addition to all of my other healthy living habits that I’ve instilled over the years through Brain Training.

Gastric Bypass Surgery is an operation where a small band is placed around the stomach. This band creates a small pouch in the stomach – somewhere around the size of a golf ball – to limit the amount of food you can eat to help you lose weight. You literally cannot eat more than a handful of food at a time. If you do, you get nauseous and feel sick.

And it’s EXPENSIVE. The high average cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery – $24,000 in the United States, $20,000 in Canada and $17,000 in Australia.

What if I told you there was a natural, more affordable option, with zero side-effects and the same results? And that it could benefit anyone who feels that they could use support curbing their overeating habits.

I’m talking about the Virtual Gastric Band.

The Virtual Gastric Band Process is based off of the Gastric Bypass Surgery.

What is a Virtual Gastric Band & How does it work?

Gastric band hypnotherapy or having a ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ fitted does not require surgery. It is a technique used by hypnotherapists to get the subconscious mind to believe it has had a gastric band fitted. The aim is that on an subconscious level, you will accept that you have had the procedure and that your stomach has reduced in size.

Joy and I had our first Virtual Gastric Band experience when we attended a workshop of Sheila Granger, an internationally renowned hypnotherapist.

We were practicing facilitating the Virtual Gastric Band for each other during the workshop, and I was skeptical. I thought, “How can this work? My brain knows that I haven’t had the surgery?”

That afternoon, I went into hypnosis and then came back as normal. Everything seemed fine, until I noticed that when I began to eat I couldn’t eat as much as before.

That was 4 years ago and it has stuck with me ever since.

Being the Brain Training, Holistic Health & Hypnotherapy Experts that we are, we decided to create our own Virtual Gastric Band Program & continue to have great success with it.

Green And Red Healthy Food

Benefits of the Virtual Gastric Band
(even if you’re not considering Gastric Bypass Surgery):

– help recognize when you’re physically full
– curb your appetite and encourage a healthier relationship with food
– no physical risks or side-effects of surgery
– feel full after consuming less food
– procedure is a pleasantly relaxing experience, with most people reporting a feeling of calm when they come out of hypnosis
– help balance calories in – calories out

The biggest benefit for me was becoming more conscious about my body, being tuned in to feel & respect the fact that I’m full.

The Virtual Gastric Band is more than just a band: it helps you connect to your body and reverse the habit of overeating that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

It helps you receive feedback from your body when it tells you that you are full. You can clearly hear the signals and start listening to your body when it is time to stop eating.

Here are a few of our clients’ Success Stories with this process which is a key part of our Sleep Your Fat Away Program:

“At last! After years of struggling with diets I have made it! With your Sleep Your Fat Away program I was able to get my life back and I love it. This experience has been so much more than “just” weight loss – it has transformed my life and I am exhilarated. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude.”

~ Marianne, Holland



“With the Sleep Your Fat Away program & the Virtual Gastric Band I finally lost all my excess fat, got rid of my high blood pressure & tiredness. I have more energy, I’m off medication & I feel better.”

~ Jaqueline, Holland

Learn about the program here: www.SleepYourFatAway.com

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