How to explain the Healy to your friend – Part 3

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How to explain the Healy to your friend – Part 3

Hello and welcome to the third installment of our How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend mini-series within our Healy-Health© & Vitality blog series!

In the first post, How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend – Part 1, we discussed how the entire universe, everything we know, consists of energy vibrating at a frequency. We looked to some of the smartest thinkers of our species: Albert Einstein and Nicholas Tesla, to begin to understand that even matter, is simply energy vibrating at a frequency perceivable to our senses.

In our second post, How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend – Part 2, we began by discussing ‘suspension of disbelief,’ and how it applies in reverse to quantum physics and the workings of the universe. Then we dove deeper into the discussion about frequencies by relating them to one of the more tangible ways our body can recognize frequencies: music and sound. Finally, we learned about resonant frequencies and their ability to not only affect our bodies, like the use of 18-19 Hz, but also the things around us, like the boy that shattered the glass with his voice.

In this post, we’ll tie all of these ideas together and show you how the Healy Resonance is capable of the unbelievable things it can do. Then, in the next post, we’ll talk about the last part of the equation that makes everything possible.

Following that post, we’ll begin to go into more detail about the awesome abilities of the Healy Resonance like remote healing, digital homeopathy, digital nutrition, aura analysis and the resonance analysis. 

Quantum Entanglement and Resonating Frequencies

As we discussed at the end of the last post, the Healy uses microcurrents to transfer healing frequencies to the human body, much in the same way that the boy’s voice uses the air to transfer the frequencies to the glass. But the Healy Resonance operates in a much different way. 

If you’re unsure about the differences between the Healy (Gold, Health Holistic & Health Holistic Plus) and the Healy Resonance, please see our first post in the Healy-Health© & Vitality series: What is Healy? 

While in the previous example, the Healy is operating through the principle of resonating frequencies, by sending your body healing, harmonic frequencies that interact with, balance and stimulate their resonant counterparts within your body, the Healy Resonance operates through a different principle: Quantum Entanglement.

But what is Quantum Entanglement?

Quantum Entanglement is a principle of quantum science that led to one of Einstein’s most famous quotes, in which he proposed that the current state of quantum mechanics in the 1930s was incomplete. At the time, the term quantum entanglement hadn’t been used yet, causing Einstein to refer to the phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.”

According to Einstein (and a few others)’s findings in the EPR paradox thought experiment, and now an accepted part of modern quantum physics, things can be influenced from a distance. This was a gigantic divergence from classical physics, in  which the principle of locality dictated that “an object is directly influenced only by its immediate surroundings.”1

Fast forward about 80 years and this ‘spooky action at a distance’ has recently allowed mankind to successfully complete its first trials in teleportation. While the object transported was extremely small – a photon (light particle) – it’s still an amazing step for our technological progression. 

According to an article detailing the event by The Guardian, teleporting the photon to space set a “new record for quantum teleportation, an eerie phenomenon in which the complete properties of one particle are instantaneously transferred to another – in effect teleporting it to a distant location.” The “research hinged on a bizarre effect known as quantum entanglement.”2

You can read more about it here: Beam me up, Scotty! Scientists teleport photons 300 miles into space.

What this means for the Healy

Remember, just like the glass in the video in the previous blog post, everything has a unique resonant frequency, even people. Through the use of the Healy’s quantum sensor and the proven principle of quantum entanglement, the Healy can detect, scan and send frequencies to a person (or thing) from a distance. Because every person has a unique resonant frequency, they can be located, scanned and sent frequencies by the Healy because it simply searches for that unique frequency (as defined by the unique identifiers required to scan) in the quantum information field (there is one other element to this equation, which we’ll discuss next).

Then, just like the other Healy models use the microcurrents as a medium to transfer the frequencies to the body, the Healy Resonance vibrates a pulse through the quantum information field, through which it attaches the appropriate healing, harmonic frequencies developed by Nuno Nina.


More Quantum Physics

Unfortunately, no one on the HEALYou team has taught Quantum Physics at a university, so that’s about as in-depth as we can get into the mysterious operations of Quantum Science and the Healy without causing more confusion than clarity! 

In our next  post, and the final installment of the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend mini-series, we’ll discuss the last piece of the puzzle – the one we’ve been hinting at throughout this post. And that last piece is you.






Stay tuned to learn about The Observer Effect, Wave-Particle Duality and the power of intention!

DISCLAIMER: Healy© is a medical certified product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders.

All other applications of the Healy© are not (yet) recognized by mainstream medicine because its efficacy has not been scientifically proven. Healy© is complementary and supportive and does not replace medical advice.

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The Healy© Company cannot be held responsible for any part of this training nor claims made in this training.
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