Relaxation Meditation: Best Guided Meditation

Importance of Relaxation & Meditation

Isn’t it crazy how we often read about the importance of relaxation and leading a stress-free life?

We know that meditation seems like a good idea and we might have even tried it before.

It seemed like such a waste of time or you just couldn’t get your mind to “shut up”! Talk about monkey brain.. as soon as you tried to go silent and within, focus on your breathing, that little voice inside of you started chattering away!
From telling you how useless you are at meditating to thinking about what you are going to eat today… it was everywhere and everything but quiet and serene. So maybe you decided that meditation is something for yogis, some enlightened hippies but not for “normal” people like you.
Does that sound familiar to you?

Meditation is not rocket science!

Your ego (that annoying little voice in your head) has just tricked you into thinking that you can’t meditate. And it couldn’t be more wrong! Meditation is not rocket science, nor is it only for some few wise and enlightened beings. Everyone can learn to meditate!

Our 4-year-old daughter Grace meditates and so do most other children, when they “zone out”, daydream or go quiet.
You see, meditation is all about the brain waves. The more relaxed they are, the quieter your mind is and the more you are connected to that wiser part of you. Some call it Higher Consciousness or inner-self, others the Universe or even God.

Relaxing Meditation and Religion: Meditating or Praying?

The good news is: There is not much difference –regarding the brain waves – between praying and meditating. Both are a spiritual practice and you don’t need to be religious or part of a church in order to do both.

Getting your brain waves to relax is something you get better at, the more often you do it. It’s just a habit or like a muscle you are training – the more often you do it, the faster and deeper you will go.
For those of you, who want to go faster and get quicker results with relaxing your brain, we have a gift to offer.

Best guided meditation

A lot of people nowadays are looking for the best guided meditation.
There are so many different types of guided meditations for many different purposes, so it’s hard to nominate one as the best.

However, we want everybody to have access to this relaxed state of mind, so we are giving you our voted favorite guided meditation.

Click here to for our Angel Meditation

Allow what some call the most relaxing voice ever to carry you away on a so needed “me-time” and “power-break”!
And remember: the more often you take these short breaks, relax your mind and go within, the more effective and creative your workflow will become! 

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