What is a Christallin Oracle

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This little booklet contains information that can help you change your life.

One of the most beautiful discoveries in life is to find out why you are on this planet and what you are meant to do and learn here! Are you on the path you chose for before you incarnated, or have you deviated and been sidetracked in other priorities?

Do you face challenges that you have no easy way to address, or are you stuck in patterns over and over again, such as financial struggle, relationship issues, arguments with loved ones, anger, traumatic experiences that keep chasing you, feeling insecure, not knowing which path to choose, stuck in relationships that are not fulfilling, and so forth?

You may have read many books and searched for solace in religion, meditation, sports, etc.

You may have consulted astrologists, psychics, mediums, numerology, palm readers, tarot-experts, shamans, fortunetellers, but still you are not satisfied with the answers given.

You may have done some work yourself, reading all sorts of cards, been to angel workshops, advanced meditation, Reiki, alpha training, remote viewing, etc., but you feel you are still missing some information.

This book will open a new avenue of resources for you.

This new development has not been available until now.

It is a breakthrough that just happened, it changed the course of our lives and now it is your turn.

This book will lead you to and give you the resources you need to finally really live the life you deserve! 

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