The Little Book on Karma

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Each and every little thing that happens to you is to some extent regulated and brought about by your karmic history. Many people long to lead happy, fulfilled, abundant lives but seem to repeatedly lose out on opportunities which can take them towards their goals and dreams.

This is generally the consequence of karmic blockages which lead to self-sabotage and the inability to take decisions guided by the divine.

The Little Book on Karma is a comprehensive solution to eliminate this problem from the root. It is a how to guide that teaches you to correct disruptive karmic patterns, get rid of self-sabotage tendencies and build a healthy, positive relationship with karma – the judge and jury of the universe.

Go through important chapters like ‘What is Karma?’, ‘The 13 laws of Karma’ and ‘Make Money Fall “In Love” With You’ to ensure that this year you hit all your financial, emotional and spiritual goals. Each section is accompanied by skill-set lessons and practical exercises which will put you in the right direction and set you up for life.
Drs. Roy and Joy Martina especially recommend this product for you because 2015 with its vibration of 8 stands for karmic clearance and abundance. Come experience a new life!

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