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Remote CHI

At last it is possible to literally heal in your sleep! And it is as simple as pressing play on your smartphone and going to sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and happy, becoming stronger, more confident and healthier every day. Simply by using all those hours you spend in bed in an effective way.

What is the Remote Chi Sleep Program?
Our sleep-program is based on years of research and designed to capture the different stages of the brain when you sleep. The Drs. Martina discovered that different part of the brains follow certain cycles during your sleep. These findings are captured in our sleep program to re-program negative experiences of the past, heal traumatic experiences and condition the mind for success!

9 Scientific Breakthroughs working for you!

  1. The anchoring of Lucid Dreaming, to get us to dream about being successful. This creates a rich synaptic layer in our visual and motor cortex so it is like already experiencing what you desire.
  2. The use of Subliminal Positive Affirmations: when we only hear the affirmations with our subconscious mind (which is wide awake while we are asleep!), it is easier for us to accept our full potential.
  3. The Hemi-Sync technology gets the Left and Right brain hemispheres to naturally synchronize with your desires and access your total potential.
  4. Self-Worth Increase: stimulating our desire to be motivated, inspired and happy to follow our dreams.
  5. Creating powerful a new Synaptic Hologram (blueprint) for being vital, healthy and happy.
  6. Using the metaphorical language of the 5-elements and activating the all Archetypical Potential. This stimulates willpower, discipline, creativity, motivation, natural learning, playfulness, etc.
  7. Neuro Linguistic Conditioning: the use of repetition, specific sounds, subliminal messages increase the speed of subconscious absorption during the night and reinforcement during the day.
  8. Programming the Theta Stage: When our brain waves are in Theta, we are most open for change and healing. With the induction of Theta mind-state we can easily heal our bodies and train our mind to be more creative. The longer you are in Theta during the night, the more refreshed you will wake up!
  9. The use of Pink Noise for dreaming: Pink noise is a combination of white noise and binaural beat to help us dream about what we want.

Results matter
You don’t need to understand all the technical terms. All you need to know is that this has been very successful for weight loss (read more about this in our bestselling book “Sleep Your Fat Away), for healing and it has been clinically proven to work.

Background whisper noise!
The best thing about our sleep program is that it is designed to work with your subconscious mind and you can listen to it on whisper-sound level. You don’t need to listen consciously and you don’t have to put it on a highly audible level. You should barely be able to hear it! The second great advantage is that everybody reacts positively to it, even animals and plants. It stimulates positivity wherever and whenever you play it.

Use these important hours of your night in a new, powerful way! This Sleep Program has the power to transform and enlighten all areas of your life. It promotes your self-healing powers and resets your mind and thoughts to their healthy, positive state.

More benefits while you sleep:
* going on a magical journey connecting to dimensions and realities where you have already achieved what you want
* be reprogramming your brain and synapses
* erasing negative beliefs and the synapses linked to sabotage and false self-image
* installing new beliefs and synapses to support your Authentic True Identity
* programming you subconscious mind into a new positive self image
* rejuvenating and detoxifying your body
* kick starting your body’s self healing powers
* balance your energy channels to increase your vitality
* reprogramming your DNA for a long healthy happy life
* balancing your right and left brain to better deal with stress, have a better memory and to be more intuitive and creative
* erasing negative memories and traumas of the past
* integrating all the positive information in lucid dreaming
* sleeping better and deeper and waking up more refreshed and biological younger
* transforming your negative inner dialogue and removing the conditioning that created that.
* strengthening and training your immune system to remove cells that are not healthy
* activating the stem cells to replace old and sick cells.
* experiencing the effects like when you practice deep meditation
* hearing positive affirmations that will change the old negative affirmations
* programming yourself for success and reach more of your potential

Program your mind for a better life quality!

All of these effects occur whilst your sleep and the sequence of 8 hours of programming helps you sleep better and wake up feeling more positive.

New thoughts = a new mind = a new life!

Research shows that your mind is the most open and receptive to receiving information when it is a relaxed state. When your brainwaves are then in alpha, theta and delta (and this happens automatically during your sleep) your mind is open to receive positive programming, new beliefs and powerful new thought patterns: ones that help you be successful, happy and healthy instead of being sad, angry or desperate! Get on a new thought track. 
Studies show that your mind’s neurotransmitters, like train tracks and thought patterns, are formed like well-traveled train routes. To create new positive thought patterns, the initial positive thought is crucial to “laying down new tracks,” creating new positive thought routes, and letting “grass grow” on the old thought tracks. And, while in Alpha/Theta or Delta state, when your mind is the most open, take advantage of this optimal time to get new thoughts rolling in the right direction on a new train of thought. Your thought power influences your health, relationships, and achievements. Change how you sleep & change your life! Design: Line

IMPORTANT: Please read the audio notes included in the download before you start with your Sleep Programming.

All you need to do is:
1. Download the files save them on your computer and then transfer them on to your mp3 player
2. Create a playlist of the sleep files 1 and 2 and put it on repeat
3. Switch on your device at a BARELY AUDIBLE sound level
4. Go to sleep!

Whenever you wake up, just turn off the audio.
It does not matter if you listen for 6 or 9 hours – the main programming happens in the first 4 hours. And if you share you room with your partner, child or four-legged friend: Let them join you – they can only benefit from it.

For maximum results we suggest you sleep with our program for 100 days.

The Reinforcement audio is a bonus for you to listen to during the day – here you are strengthening the affirmations and positive programming you received during the night. If you can only listen half an hour that is also fine.

Don’t waste any time and start changing your life while you sleep. Stop counting your worries and start counting your blessings! We wish you all the very best life has to offer – and a blessed nights’ sleep!

*All Products are Digital Downloads and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop first and then transferred to phones or tablets.


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