Prayer of Gratitude

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Gratitude is wonderful. Gratitude is powerful and strangely enough gratitude is in short supply in our lives. Despite the wonders of modern technology, the convenience of internet connectivity and the elevated standard of living of developed countries, we feel empty, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

The reason behind this ‘disconnect’ from gratitude and a sense of plenty is the stress and lack of freedom stifling us of our essence, enjoyment and vitality. Even though the concept is a little strange….most of us need to re-learn the art of gratitude in order to invite abundance into our lives.

The Prayer of Gratitude developed by Drs. Joy and Roy has been changing millions of lives around the world. Scientifically designed to expand upon your existing sense of gratitude and emotionally structured to resonate with the core of ‘happiness’ inside you, this resource can be used day and night to accelerate career growth, initiate financial improvements and forge deeper, more meaningful relationships. Not just a mundane list of the ways to practice gratitude, this prayer makes the art of gratefulness a part of your life. Live better and attract more to you! You will love what you can achieve by being appreciative of what you already have.

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