Pong Youp for Everyone

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Pong Youp for everyoneThe healing power of your breath!

Pong Youp is a self healing breathing meditation that works on all levels of your body, mind and spirit!
Learn Pong Youp at home!

This course consists of:

* a video
* a manual
* a guided audio session

With this training you can learn to do Pong Youp on your own and apply it directly after reading the instructions.
This healing method is one of the most powerful healing methods because you learn the art of conscious breathing. You learn to tap into mindfulness, to practice relaxation while using the power of your breath.  This healing meditation is not just breathing therapy,but also a vitality training and enhances the quality of your life

Life is what happens between your first breath and your last exhale. Breathing is what gives you life.
It is our birthright to be healthy, happy and live a long vital life.

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