Kidz – A Magical Meditation for Children

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Your kid’s brain is like a sponge! Children mostly function in the highly receptive state of Alpha and can be manipulated or scarred very easily. Don’t panic… Because this easy access to the sub-conscious also have an up-side! Because little ones allow unimpeded access to their seat of learning and cognitive abilities, brain development for kids is easier than that for adults.

Now you can strengthen our children’s self-esteem, health and well-being while engaging them in fun and games. The Kidz Fairy Tale meditation is created to equip your child with a sense of fair play, selflessness and a strong moral compass, along with a naturally relaxed and happy disposition.

And all this happens while they are on an exciting journey to beautiful places where they meet magical animal friends who help them focus on the good things in life, improve their skills and also heal them in the process.
Kiddy tested and approved this guided meditation for kids is an investment that is worth its weight in gold.
With ever-green and fun characters like the Dolphin, Fox, Panda, Wise Owl and magic Chimpanzee, your kids will thank you anew for this gift every year of their life.

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