Live the Secret- Guided Meditation

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The Secret woke millions of people around the world to the tantalizing power of the Law of Attraction. But not many individuals claim to enjoy phenomenal success after watching the movie or reading the book!
That struggle is now over because the Secret left out a very crucial piece of the manifestation puzzle from its content! And that is congruency with your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Sometimes we consciously wish for something yet our negative beliefs and mind chatter send out a completely opposite signal to the universe. And all the vision boards end up useless!!

Just deciding and affirming your goals, dreams and desires is not enough. You should be 100% convinced that you do deserve them and 100% congruent with them.
The ‘Live the Secret’ guided meditation ups the game a notch. It is an audio book which slowly conditions you into getting in touch with your inner power or your direct hotline to the genie of the universe. It helps bypass toxic thoughts and mental garbage to create and project the vibrations which allow you to order whatever you genuinely desire and then wait for the delivery with joyful anticipation.

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