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Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database –
Introduction to Australian Bush Flower Essences


Digital Therapy & Homeopathy

We hope you’ve been enjoying your Digital Therapy & Homeopathy journey! 

In our previous posts in the Digital Therapy & Homeopathy series, we’ve discussed some of the Healy Resonance-specific databases (the ones not available as microcurrent programs), like the Materia Medica, Bach Flower Remedies, and most recently, the Alaskan Gem Elixirs. While all of these databases don’t necessarily fall under the branch of Digital Homeopathy, they are all sources of natural healing frequencies inherent to the Earth.

Bottle brush flowers

For those who have read the previous Digital Therapy & Homeopathy posts, the Australian Bush Flowers are most comparable to the Bach Flower Remedies. They are both made of a variety of flower essences derived from flowers endemic to their respective areas. The Bach Flower Remedies are composed of plants and flowers available in England, while the Australian Bush Flowers are gathered from plants and flowers native to Australia. 

Meanwhile, the Materia Medica Healy Database, which is based off of the work by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, utilizes plants, minerals and even animal venom to create homeopathic remedies, which operate through the principles of ‘like cures like’ and the ‘law of minimum dose.’ This means that with homeopathic remedies, something that causes a symptom, when diluted to the right degree, can help to treat that symptom. For instance, the homeopathic remedy Apis Mel, which is made from honeybees, can treat symptoms similar to those from a bee sting, like shingles, rashes, bumps and yes, even bee stings. To learn more about Homeopathy and Digital Homeopathy, view our previous series on the Materia Medica here: Digital Homeopathy: Healy Materia Medica Database –  Introduction to Homeopathy & the Materia Medica

The Alaskan Gem Elixirs function more like Digital Energy Work than Digital Homeopathy. Each Alaskan Gem Elixir harnesses the energetic signature of a precious stone, gem, metal or mineral. These specific energetic signatures can help to balance the energy systems in our bodies – the chakras and meridians. Those that have read the Alaskan Gem Elixirs series will have seen that each Alaskan Gem Elixir is associated with a specific chakra, as well as a mental or emotional state. Being stuck in one of these emotional or mental states can be indicative of a particular chakra being blocked or imbalanced.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Caladenia flava flowers

As we mentioned above, the Australian Bush Flower Essences are most similar to the Bach Flower Remedies. The Bach Flower Remedies were created in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach with the intent of creating a holistic, natural healing system that supported the emotional and spiritual health of a person to help them lead a happy, healthy life. Each Bach Flower Remedy helps to support a specific mental or emotional state like focus, openness, conectedness or confidence.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences were created by Ian White, who, as described by the Australian Bush Flower Essences website is a “5th generation Australian herbalist” with “degrees in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy and has been practicing successfully as a Naturopath since 1979. His great-great-grandmother worked as a herbalist during Australia’s Gold Rush in the 1850’s.”

Ian White

Ian White, Photo Credit:

The Australian Bush Flowers can be used in tandem with the Bach Flower Remedies. When scanning either with the Healy Resonance’s Resonance Analysis function, remember that any recommended Flower Essences (whether Bach or Australian Bush) that return in the results with a high relevance and are associated with an emotion you’re not currently experiencing may be indicative of a suppressed emotion or unresolved conflict. Make note of it and keep an eye out to see if a pattern emerges. If so, try to find the root cause, whether through meditation, hypnosis, introspection, muscle testing, etc. and address it with your Healy’s Digital Therapy & Homeopathy functions, or through the Healy’s Digital Acupuncture capabilities.

(To learn more about how to effectively use your Healy to make lasting changes in your life, check out our HEALYou Practitioner Courses.)

Next, let’s take a look at the individual frequency programs you’ll find in the Healy’s Australian Bush Flowers Database.

Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database

Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database

The Healy includes all 68 of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. In our next posts, we’ll discuss each one in further detail, showing you which unwanted emotions they are associated with and the positive emotional or mental state that they support or encourage. 

So without further ado, here are the 68 frequency programs in the Healy’s Australian Bush Flowers Database.

  1. Alpine Mint Bush
  2. Angelsword
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Banksia Robur
  5. Bauhinia
  6. Billy Goat Plum
  7. Black-eyed Susan
  8. Bluebell
  9. Boab
  10. Boronia
  11. Bottlebrush
  12. Bush Fuchsia
  13. Bush Gardenia
  14. Bush Iris
  15. Christmas Bell
  16. Crowea
  17. Dagger Hakea
  18. Dog Rose
  19. Dog Rose of the Wild Forces
  20. Five CornersHealy Resonance Databases
  21. Flannel Flower
  22. Freshwater Mangrove
  23. Fringed Violet
  24. Green Essence
  25. Green Spider Orchid
  26. Grey Spider Flower
  27. Gymea Lily
  28. Hibbertia
  29. Illawarra Flame Tree
  30. Isopogon
  31. Jacaranda
  32. Kangaroo Paw
  33. Kapok Bush
  34. Lichen
  35. Little Flannel Flower
  36. Macrocarpa
  37. Mint Bush
  38. Monga Waratah
  39. Mountain Devil
  40. Mulla Mulla
  41. Old Man Banksia
  42. Paw Paw
  43. Peach-flowered Tea-tree
  44. Philotheca
  45. Pink Flannel Flower
  46. Pink Mulla Mulla
  47. Red Grevillea
  48. Red Helmet Orchid
  49. Red Lily
  50. Red Suva Frangipani
  51. Rough Bluebell
  52. She Oak
  53. Silver Princess
  54. Slender Rice Flower
  55. Southern Cross
  56. Spinifex
  57. Sturt Desert Pea
  58. Sturt Desert Rose
  59. Sundew
  60. Sunshine Wattle
  61. Sydney Rose
  62. Tall Mulla Mulla 
  63. Tall Yellow Top
  64. Turkey Bush
  65. Waratah
  66. Wedding Bush
  67. Wild Potatoe Bush
  68. Wisteria

Australian Bush Flower Individual Frequency Programs

For those of us outside of Australia, several of those might still seem somewhat familiar, but for the most part, don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of most of these plants before. In our next posts, we’ll show you what they look like and discuss how they are best used.


Stay tuned for our next post!



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All other applications of the Healy© are not (yet) recognized by mainstream medicine because its efficacy has not been scientifically proven. Healy© is complementary and supportive and does not replace medical advice.

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