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Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database –
Part 3/7

If you like learning about the different individual frequency programs that are contained within some of the Healy’s Resonance-specific Databases, like the Australian Bush Flowers, then you’re in the right place! 

In this series, we’ve been going into detail about the different Australian Bush Flower Essences, which the frequency programs in your Healy are based off of. In our previous posts, we introduced the Australian Bush Flowers and began to discuss them individually in alphabetical order. If you’re new to the series, get started here: Digital Therapy: Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database – Introduction to Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Healy Database: Australian Bush Flowers 

Programs 21-30

21. Flannel Flower

Also known as:flannel flower

  • Actinotus helianthi
  • Red five-corner

Flannel Flower almost begs to be touched and felt, since the petals of this flower resemble the sensuous texture of flannel. This Essence is for people who are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy as well as physical contact and touching.

They often have difficulty in maintaining their personal boundaries. It helps one to totally trust and express verbally their innermost feelings. It brings to both males and females a desire to and enjoyment in, expressing themselves physically. It is excellent for males allowing for a gentleness, softness and sensitivity in touching.

Negative Condition:

  • Dislike of being touched
  • Lack of sensitivity in males
  • Uncomfortable with intimacy
  • Difficulty communicating feelings

Positive Outcome:

  • Gentleness and sensitivity in touching
  • Trust
  • Openness
  • Expression of feelings
  • Joy in physical activity


22. Freshwater Mangrove

Also known as:freshwater mangrove

  • Barringtonia acutangula
  • Itchytree 
  • Mango-pine

This flowering tree grows beside fresh water creeks, billabongs and swamps in the Northern Territory. The healing quality of the Essence is to release and heal mental prejudice, allowing the emotional heart centre to open without prejudgement. The prejudice of Slender Rice Flower stems from direct personal experience, whereas Freshwater Mangrove is for those who mentally reject or have already made up their mind about something without it ever being experienced.

Often the seeds of this prejudice have been sown for a long time. In many cases it is generational, as in the case of countries where religious prejudice is passed on and accepted by the young without question. Many prejudices are built because of cultural or societal belief that something cannot be done. This Essence has the potential to allow us to fully experience and be open on both a mental and heart level to new perceptual shifts and all the changes occurring at this time.

Negative Condition:

  • Heart closed due to expectations or prejudices which have been taught, not personally experienced

Positive Outcome:

  • Openness to new experiences, people and perceptual shifts
  • Healthy questioning of traditional standards and beliefs


23. Fringed Violet

Also known as:fringed violet

  • Thysanotus tuberosus
  • Common fringe-lily

Fringed Violet is for treating damage to the aura where there has been shock, grief or distress. This remedy maintains psychic protection and is excellent for people who are overly sensitive and drained by others or those who unconsciously absorb the physical and emotional imbalances of others.

Negative Condition:

  • Damage to aura
  • Lack of psychic protection

Positive Outcome:

  • Heals damage to aura
  • Psychic protection


24. Green Essence

Description:Green Essence
The Green Essence is made, not from the flowers, but rather the stems and leaves of traditional, fresh, green herbs, using the same method we use to make our Flower Essences. It is used to harmonize any internal yeast, mould and parasites to the same vibration as one’s body. It should be taken orally for a minimum two week period, five drops 3 times a day, five minutes before meals.

Green Essence can also be used topically on the skin. Place seven drops of Green Essence in a dessert bowl of water, splash on the affected area and allow to dry. Do this morning and night for two weeks. You will need to make a fresh batch every two days. You can also douche if necessary with Green Essence. This is most effectively done morning and night for a two week period. We recommend not using Green Essence externally at the same time as it is taken internally.

Negative Condition:

  • Emotional distress associated with intestinal and skin disorders

Positive Outcome:

  • Harmonises the vibration of any yeast, mould or parasite to one’s own vibration
  • Purifying


25. Green Spider Orchid

Also known as:green spider orchid

  • Caladenia dilatata
  • Green-comb spider orchid
  • Koolin

This remedy was also made up in Gariwerd (The Grampians) Victoria and is very much aligned with higher learnings, philosophies and deeper insight. This Essence can assist in working with telepathy, to attune a person to be more receptive to not only other people but also other species and kingdoms. It is for people who are teaching spiritual matters and understandings, helping them to impart that knowledge.

It helps us to know when to share about our spiritual experiences, ideas before they are manifested and incomplete projects and when to remain silent to let the energy build. Green Spider Orchid can release negative effects of nightmares stemming from past lives.

Negative Condition:

  • Nightmares and negative effects from past life experience
  • intense negative reactions to the sight of blood

Positive Outcome:

  • Telepathic communication
  • Ability to withhold information until timing is appropriate
  • Attunement


26. Grey Spider Flower

Also known as:grey spider flower

  • Grevillea bracteosa 
  • Bracted grevillea

This is an Essence to deal with upsetting situations, dreams and psychic attack. The Essence will restore faith and trust. Interestingly enough every time I picked this flower to make the Essence I came across a spider. There is a theory that spiders are an archetypal image for fear.

Negative Condition:

  • Supernatural and psychic attack
  • Upsetting dreams

Positive Outcome:

  • Faith
  • Calm
  • Courage


27. Gymea Lily

Also known as:gymea lily

  • Doryanthes excelsa

Also known as the Giant Lily, this extraordinary plant bears large red flowers on a huge terminal head atop a stem of up to four metres high. Being so high the flowers are not seen clearly from the ground. This remedy is for excessive pride and arrogance and helps bring about humility. The Essence is for reaching up to the energy of arrogance and transforming it to achieve great heights. It gives strength to those who are ahead of their peers and helps them to stay at the top.

Gymea Lily is also very beneficial for people whose personalities are very intense or extroverted, or those who are dominating, demanding and very charismatic who usually get their way. It is also for people who like to be seen and noticed and who seek glamour and status.

Negative Condition:

  • Arrogant
  • Attention seeking
  • Craving status and glamour
  • Dominating and overriding personality

Positive Outcome:

  • Humility
  • Allowing other to express themselves and contribute
  • Awareness, appreciation and taking notice of others


28. Hibbertia

Also known as:hibbertia

  • Hibbertia scandens
  • The snake vine
  • Climbing guinea flower
  • Golden guinea vine
  • Gold guinea plant

For people who are strict and regimented or even fanatical with themselves or for whose who use their knowledge to gain an upper hand. They constantly devour information and philosophies purely to make themselves better people but often without truly integrating it. They can also be perfectionists and overly strict with themselves. In the positive mode these people will be accepting of themselves and their own innate knowledge and experiences, without wanting to be superior to others.

Negative Condition:

  • Fanatical about self improvement
  • Driven to acquire knowledge
  • Excessive self discipline
  • Superiority
  • Perfectionist

Positive Outcome:

  • Content with own knowledge
  • Acceptance
  • Ownership and utilization of own knowledge


29. Illawarra Flame Tree

Also known as:illawarra

  • Brachychiton acerifolius
  • Lacebark tree
  • Kurrajong

An Essence for those who suffer from a great sense of rejection, or who feel ‘left out’. This rejection is deeply felt and is very agonizing for the person. The Essence is also for self rejection, or for a person feeling uncomfortable about a new experience, e.g. parenthood, especially where there is a sense of responsibility. This Essence will help a person take that first step. It is also beneficial for those whose numbers in numerology are 11, 22 or 33 – people who have usually chosen to do very important work this life.

Negative Condition:

  • Overwhelming sense of rejection
  • Uncomfortable with responsibility

Positive Outcome:

  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Self reliance
  • Self approval


30. Isopogon

Also known as:Isopogon

  • Isopogon anethifolius
  • Narrow-leaf drumsticks

Isopogon is for people who live very much in their heads. They are dominated by their intellect and there is often a separation between their heart and head. This Essence, like Tall Yellow Top, connects one’s emotions (heart) with their thoughts (head). It especially benefits those people who control through stubbornness. It also enables the retrieval of long-forgotten skills and the ability to learn from past experiences.

The small spiral arrangement of this plant’s yellow flowers fade and leave a small, grey, round nut which will stay on the plant for many years. In spiritual symbolism the colour yellow represents wisdom and knowledge.

Negative Condition:

  • Inability to learn from past experience
  • Stubborn
  • Controlling personality

Positive Outcome:

  • Ability to learn from past experience
  • Retrieval of forgotten skills
  • Relating without manipulating or controlling


Healy Database: Australian Bush Flowers, Programs 31-40

Since many of these Australian Bush Flowers are native to Australia and can only be found there, we hope you’re enjoying exploring the Australian brush as much as we are! Many of these are previously unfamiliar to us, but their healing and therapeutic powers are clearly as undeniable as their wild beauty.

Check back in a few days for our next post, Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database: Part 4/7


Stay tuned!



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