The Amazing Capabilities of the Healy: Digital Acupuncture & the 20 Meridians – Part 5

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The Amazing Capabilities of The Healy:

Digital Acupuncture & the 20 Meridians
Part 5

If you’ve been keeping up with our Healy, Digital Acupuncture & The 20 Meridians series, you’ve just learned our HEALYou Practitioner Training’s 5 Steps of Proactive Treatment with the Meridians Programs in our most recent post, Digital Acupuncture and the 20 Meridians – Part 4. This HEALYou treatment protocol gives you the 5 steps required to make lasting changes through Digital Acupuncture.

As we discussed in previous posts in the series, the meridians are the nonphysical energetic pathways of the body that carry qi (also called chi, prana, energy, divine essence, life force, etc.) throughout the body. These pathways can become blocked and the energy can become stagnated due to unresolved conflicts (ex. a lasting fight with a family member), past traumas (ex. a traumatic childhood event) and unresolved emotional issues (ex. not forgiving someone and holding onto that pain or anger). If left untreated, this stagnated energy can eventually manifest into physical disease or ailments.

It is through acupuncture, as well as other therapeutic energy techniques, that we can rebalance blocked meridians and restore proper energetic flow. The Healy makes one of these types of therapeutic energy techniques available to us all: Digital Acupuncture, with a faster way to find the weakest links in the acupuncture system than any acupuncturist can!

Digital Acupuncture uses healing and neutralizing frequencies (learn more in our How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend series) in combination with the Healy’s frequency-modulated microcurrents to balance specific meridians. Whereas an acupuncturist undergoes years of training to get their license, learning everything about the meridians, the symptoms that correspond to each meridian, the acupuncture points and the practice of acupuncture itself, as well as yearly continuing education, the Healy Resonance’s diagnostic feature, the Resonance Analysis, can give us non-acupuncturists the insights we need to stay healthy by learning to balance our meridians before there are any signs of disease without even interrupting our daily routine by using the Healy.

In this post, we’re going to go into further detail about the individual meridians within the Healy Meridians 1 Program. In our next post, we’ll finish up with the remaining meridians in the Healy Meridians 2 Program. 

The Healy Programs: Meridians 1

As we discussed in Digital Acupuncture and the 20 Meridians – Part 2, the majority of the 12 meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine correspond to specific organs, but as you can see on the meridian model, they each have different pathways through the body. But in addition to this geolocation aspect, each of the 12 Meridians from TCM are also associated with certain emotions and even physical symptoms. The 8 Voll Meridians are not associated with specific organs, nor do they have emotional associations. However, the Voll Meridians are more likely to be associated with specific type of tissues and functionalities. In general, the Voll Meridians measure the degeneration or inflammation tendencies of these systems and tissues.  

The 10 Meridians included in the Healy Program Meridians 1 are the following:

  1. Allergy Meridian (Voll)
  2. Connective tissue (Voll)
  3. Bladder (TCM)
  4. Large intestine (TCM)
  5. Small intestine (TCM)
  6. Fatty degeneration (Voll)
  7. Gall bladder (TCM)
  8. Joints (Voll)
  9. Skin (Voll)
  10. Heart (TCM)

To get a better idea of each of the roles of these first 10 meridians, we’ll share the quick summaries given in the HEALYou Practitioner Cheatsheets, as well as the associated emotions for TCM Meridians and the associated conditions of the Voll Meridians.

1.     Allergy Meridian (Voll)

Can reflect that your body might be reacting to something in the environment.

As you could probably guess, the Allergy Meridian is typically associated with allergies. But there could be times when it returns in a Resonance Analysis with a high relevance and you’re not experiencing any food allergies. What could this mean? It could be an indication of a sensitivity to a certain chemical or toxin in your surroundings.

In medical terms, allergies are immune reactions to specific substances, but the precursor to a cellular immune reaction to a certain substance is an energetic sensitivity to that substance.

2.     Connective tissue (Voll)

Can be in connection to a systemic problem or a condensed local problem.

The symptoms associated with issues with the Connective tissue are far-ranging since connective tissue is so prevalent in our bodies, but typically manifests as auto-immune, degenerative tendencies or inflammatory issues.

3.     Bladder (TCM)

Can reflect urological pathologies or issues with certain parts of the spine, ankle, knee or brain.

Since the Bladder Meridian is one of the 12 Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has specific emotions associated with it.


Insecurity, feeling paralyzed, timid, shame, or embarrassment.

4.     Large intestine (TCM)

Can reflect diseases of the large intestine, colon, rectum, appendix, paranasal sinus, wrist, elbow or shoulder joints.


Rigidity, problems with change, perfectionism, feelings of discouragement, obligation, self-hatred

5.     Small intestine (TCM)

Can reflect diseases of the duodenum, small intestine, spinal cervical part, adenohypophysis, vestibulocochlear nerve, acoustic duct or the elbow, wrist or shoulder joints.


Easily emotionally distressed and nervous, vulnerable, in denial, suppressed emotions (emotionless), forgetful

6.     Fatty degeneration (Voll)

Can reflect pathological changes of the lipids in blood (HDL, LDL, cholesterol etc), fatty degeneration of organs (liver, etc), arteriosclerosis, endocrine diseases, in particular, diseases of the thyroid gland or gallbladder (gallstones)

7.     Gall bladder (TCM)

Can reflect pathological changes of the gallbladder and bile ducts system, bone marrow, joints of the ankle, shoulder & hips; different parts of the brain, trigeminal nerve & eyes.


Bitter, irrational, frustration, irritability, impatience, easily triggered, repressed, trouble forgiving

8.     Joints (Voll)

Can reflect pathologies in the joints. If you have no symptoms, it can be a tendency or predisposition to arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Remember, this may be on the energetic level before it manifests into measurable conditions on the biochemical and cellular levels.

9.     Skin (Voll)

Can reflect skin pathologies like inflammation, toxic absorption (shampoos, cosmetics, detergent, perfume), allergies, & scars blocking meridians.

10.  Heart (TCM)

Can reflect heart diseases: heart valve, myocardium, endocardium, pericardium, inside elbow & wrist.


Rejection, feeling heartbroken, grudging, abandoned (loneliness)


And that’s it for the first 10 meridians included in the Healy Program Meridians 1! But remember, these aren’t indications that you have a specific condition, but in many cases, these serve as indications of a potential energetic predisposition to a condition that can be prevented with treatment. Be sure to read our next post where we’ll discuss the remaining 10 meridians in the Healy Program Meridians 2 and start to wrap things up.



Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: Healy© is a medical certified product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders.

All other applications of the Healy© are not (yet) recognized by mainstream medicine because its efficacy has not been scientifically proven. Healy© is complementary and supportive and does not replace medical advice.

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