The Magic of Healing – E-Book

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 True and deep healing can happen only if it comes from within! We believe with passion that ‘You are exactly where you should be in life’ and the ‘obstacles’ you face are just opportunities to learn.
When people are in physical or emotional pain, it is extremely difficult to adopt a positive mind-set and stay grateful. This is where The Magic of Healing eBook steps in.

A compendium of:
• Powerful techniques to heal your body
• Rituals to stay in balance and handle highs and lows with equanimity
• Ways to attract abundance into your life
• A fool proof technique to find inner guidance
• Rituals to stay connected with positive energy for life
• Stress release techniques to better cope with work, health and personal life

This Ebook will help you unlearn old disruptive patterns and embrace the programming of ever-green beliefs to imbue your life with creativity, gratitude and courage!

Live life outside the box and tackle your issues with infinite calm and only positive expectations.

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