Stop Smoking Package

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Become a happy, healthy, non-smoker!

This is the perfect program for you if…

  • you are wanting to free yourself from the harmful habit of smoking
  • you’ve tried other ways to quit smoking and failed
  • you want to quit smoking naturally

You’ve tried every single way that you can think of to quit smoking, but you still haven’t been able to reach your goal of giving up the harmful habit. You don’t want to resort to toxic chemicals to help you kick it, and you’d rather build-up your resolve and use the power of your mind than resort to pharmaceuticals.

The Stop Smoking Package is the complete package to helping you become the happy, healthy, non-smoker that you aim to be!

Including two powerful sleep-therapy programs, the Stop Smoking Package trains your brain to help you overcome your habit and helps train your brain so that you have more energy, healthy lungs, and clarity. Step into a new era as a non-smoker and breathe in the fresh air!

Package includes: Instructional guide (pdf), Free Webinar (see link above), 2 sets of audio files (mp3)! One set for before you quit (as a preparation phase) and one set once you quit (to 
support you and keep you on track).

Each set consists of short audios to use as a pep talk 
and/or short meditation plus a sleep program. The audio is set up to represent a special stop smoking hypnotherapy and by listening to the stop smoking meditation, success is guaranteed.

*All Products are Digital Downloads and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop first and then transferred to phones or tablets.


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