Sleep Like a Baby Program

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The Sleep Like a Baby’ package consists of two separate audio files and targets different disruptive influences interfering with your ideal sleep pattern.

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Insomnia Sleep Program

Help for Insomnia is on the way!!

If you have problems falling asleep and counting sheep has stopped working, may be it is time to try something a little more thorough. Apart from chronic physical conditions and medication resulting in sleeplessness, most of us are perfectly capable of falling asleep instantly. The obstacle lies in the form of worries, anxieties, mind chatter and tension! These negative influences keep us from slipping into never-land!

But the good news is now you can gradually condition your brain into re-learning the rejuvenating art of sleeping like a baby.

The Insomnia Sleep Program leverages Neuro-Linguistic Programming (sleep affirmations), Self-Hypnosis and special music to slow down your nervous system and induce a state of restful, deep sleep.

Without lifting a finger!

Your Sacred Garden

Consider it the perfect napping material or your special retreat from the stress and conflict of daily life. Ancient sages believed that the mind is a garden in which we sow the seeds of our thoughts and beliefs. And accordingly we yield a harvest!

Drs. Roy and Joy have always taken this analogy to heart and have come up with a guided meditation audio that can accomplish the job of playing gardener to your bounty!

It is designed to take you away to a safe place within yourself where you can nurture your connection to the divine, let go of the angst of the daily grind and rejuvenate and heal your body as well as psyche.
Valuable beyond belief, The Sacred Garden Meditation is a must have for all adults and even children since it strengthens the direct link to the source of universal goodness and teaches you to let go of trauma and negative memories by creating an invulnerable place of beauty and calm in your soul.

*All Products are Digital Downloads and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop first and then transferred to phones or tablets.


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