Remote Chi Practitioner Video Course

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The Art of Distance Healing & Influencing
Powerful Concentrated Direct Healing ‚Äď from any distance!

The future of healing has arrived.
At last:  An easy way of helping your loved ones even when they are far away!

Now available as an online video training!

Joy & Roy Martina have developed a method that makes effective distance healing accessible to everyone. 

The fusion of the most powerful techniques of quantum healing, remote-influencing, distance healing and spiritual healing paired with years of research in holistic medicine bring miracles to your doorstep!

Learn Remote CHI and access the healer within you.
Video on demand: Learn this method in the comfort of your own home

For those of you who could not take part in our live workshop in Germany last year.
We recorded the training for you!

Now you too can watch this video-on-demand online whenever it suits you best and study this inspiring method in detail. You also get our flowchart to guide you through your healing sessions. This training was created to share our healing secrets and methods with anyone, who wants to take their healing powers to the next level.

The Power of Prayer

The most commonly known method of distance healing is praying.
Science has long proven without a shadow of doubt in double blind¬†studies the efficiency of prayer. Yet prayer is just like a raindrop in the dessert compared to Remote Chi. Imagine you could multiply this power¬†into something more like a tropical rain shower! What if instead of a¬†raindrop you could send a tsunami of healing energy to your loved ones¬†or clients… what miracles could you make possible?

Remote CHI¬ģ¬†is different
Remote CHI¬ģ¬†is a completely new, scientific systematic approach to the healing process.
It is a combination of different powerful healing techniques, using the force of a group of physical beings in synergy with light beings (guides, masters, angels, healers and divine beings) to produce great results in the shortest time possible.

The components of the training:

  • Removing sabotage and blocks: an essential part of Remote CHI ‚Äď sender and receiver
    of the healing must be free of limiting blocks such as beliefs, karma, vows, curses, etc. to enable rapid, deep healing.
  • The coordinate system of¬†Remote Viewing¬†(developed by Stanford University) permits a precise location of sender (Practitioner) and target (Client-receiver) in the time/space continuum.
  • Theta CHI-Sleep Programming: a 7-hour guided healing journey for the sender and¬†receiver of Remote CHI. Based on the latest neuro-scientific findings these synchronize¬†the brain waves to provide for the most optimum state to receive and send healing¬†plus assist with the body‚Äôs own self-healing mechanism. The sender sends¬†out¬†healing during ¬†sleep and the receiver reciprocates by receiving it in Theta thus accelerating¬†the healing process by more than 10 times.¬†
  • Pong Youp: Learn the art of focussed, controlled breathing combined with pure intention¬†of healing.
  • Working with the body‚Äôs consciousness: Together with the Highest Self you will start a¬†healing dialogue.
  • The Matrix System:¬†Developed by the Russian Master Healer Albert Ignatenko. The science of¬†Psycho-Informationology shows you how to establish a remote communication channel for optimum transfer of the healing energy.
  • Healing Journey Journal: by writing down the effects of the healing you become more aware of the healing energy and will be able to stay in that flow.

Synergy: The Multiplication of Healing Energies
Some healers utilize some of these strategies and techniques but none of them use all of them at the same time.
With Remote CHI¬ģ¬†this is different: you will be using the combination of synergetic forces to increase the healing effect. The Remote CHI¬ģ¬†Practitioners devote time every day for the healing of their clients and are very dedicated individuals with the desire to help. They use¬†their unique talents in a focused way and work consistently on¬†themselves. They also heal each other and so increase the realm of possibilities and the speed of healing.

Build up Your Skills Step by Step
The advantage of video on demand, is that you can build up your skills-set step by step, what the University of Stanford discovered in training psychic spies (remote viewers) for the CIA is that everybody has these innate abilities and with the proper training protocols everyone can learn psychic abilities. Distance healing is the same;if you follow the protocols given you will get immediate noticeable results

Side Benefits: Remote Influencing

Remote healing is the ability to influence energies with the power of your intention. This automatically boosts your power to remote influence your future and create the  outcomes that you wish to manifest in your life.

Remote CHI¬ģ: Your Secret Weapon for Success and Healing

  • The entire 3 day workshop on video-on-demand and
  • A great flowchart to work with and guide you through your sessions (in English, German¬†and Italian)
  • A copy of the Remote Chi sleep program audio (in English, German, Dutch and¬†Italian)

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