Deep Healing

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Connecting to the self-healing powers of your body Roy Martina

This audio book is intended for anyone who wants to have an optimally healthy body and who also wants to achieve.


This audio book is intended for anyone who wants to have an optimally healthy body and who also wants to achieve deep healing.

By tapping into your internal resources you can transform your old sabotage mechanisms and negative conditionings into positive energy and healing power.

In our unconscious lie sabotage mechanisms, this can block us and hence can cause illnesses. After years of research Roy Martina has discovered that guided meditations and visualizations can remove these sabotage mechanisms, which results in activating and stimulating your own healing powers to function better and more effectively.

This audio book connects you to the self-healing ability of your body. This helps you to let go more easily of everything that prevents you from being healthy and it sets your immune system to function optimally. You are worth it and you deserve to be completely healthy and vital!

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3 reviews for Deep Healing

  1. Sabine Reineke (verified owner)

    Used this meditation when i could not sleep well at night, it really relaxes, felt afterwards more peacefull and ,in spite of less sleep , recharged. Unfortunaly the meditation is divided in 6 short parts which have to be downloaded one by one. My laptop and my smartphone don’t play automaticly one part after the other, so that i have to start each part separately. that interrupts the recovering proces and my sleep each time, it’s annoying. The whole text in one recording would be beter.

  2. Sabine R. (verified owner)

    Great meditation, listen tot it when gong to sleep, and it seems , that i get up in the morning with a fresher and energetic feeling. It gives a deep relaxation and helps me to rest and recover.I really do like it. The deep healing is a package with 3 parts. the relaxation part must be downloaded and listened in 6 parts , I can”t get it done o my devices to play them automaticliy one after the other, so must interrupt the relaxation every time to start the next part, that is a disadvatage of this product.

    • Dawn Chitwood

      This is so great to hear. Thank you for this feedback. I think we can do something about that. We should be able to make them all part of an album so that when you download them to your computer, it opens an album to be played consecutively in your music player. I will send those to you as an album to see if we can remedy that! Thanks again.

  3. Iris ulrich (verified owner)

    It really helps me too quickly fall asleep and wake up refreshed. thank you

    • Dawn Chitwood

      Wonderful. Thank YOU!

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