Aversion Audio

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Imagine walking past a steaming delicious bowl of gooey mac and cheese without the slightest craving to indulge! What if you could say ‘No’ to a chocolate fudge brownie and a melting pot of hot chocolate sauce without having to tussle with your desires?

Not wishful thinking! The power of behavioural principles can make this and much more absolutely possible. Regular use of the audio subtly and subconsciously associates the food you crave the most with sensations of discomfort or unappetizing images which make the thought of ‘indulgence’ undesirable.

Ditch the battle of the will and the guilt. Make the giant slumbering in your head your ally and beat cravings once in for all. Grow an aversion for everything that doesn’t take you where you want to be or give you the body you wish for. In just 7 days. IT’S POSSIBLE!

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