Budge the Grudge


Forgiveness isn’t something we do for others.

It is what we do for ourselves so we can heal and move on.

Are you fed up with rethinking and reliving that particularly painful experience involving a person or situation? Did you know that your angry feelings are toxic? The grudge you bear is harming you more than you know! Would you like to free yourself and finally let go?  Then it is time to tap into the power of forgiveness and make sure you cut the karmic and energetic links to that person or situation. In order to move on it is essential that you really forgive on all levels.

Here is a simple and highly effective technique to help you.

The How To De-link and Forgive Practice

1. The Switch

Like a Karate move, hit your fist into your open palm – alternate and do it as fast as you can. And you say:

“I love and accept myself even if I cannot let go of this pain/past incident/anger/resentment/guilt/judgment etc. and I love and accept myself if I now choose to completely let go of this and step into my power of forgiveness.”

2. Breathing the Hawaiian way

Breathe in and imagine sending this light/energy up to your Highest Self, which is seated in your pineal gland.

Hold your breath for a few seconds and breathe out through your mouth with an “aaah” sound.

Do 4 cycles of 10 breaths.

3. Crown-Heart-Chakra & Forgiveness

Tapping the air above your head and in front of your heart (and continuously moving back and forth), you say (whilst imagining that person or situation in front of your mind’s eye):

“I claim my power back and I give you your power back.

I claim my freedom back and I give you your freedom back.

I claim back what’s mine and I give you what’s yours.

I forgive you for all the pain and suffering you caused me and I ask you for forgiveness for all the pain and suffering I have caused you.

The past remains in the past. I now cut the cords. Only love can connect us.

I wish you well, just as I wish myself well.”

You can additionally ask Archangel Michael for help, to cut the links with his flaming sword and you can call upon the Ascended Master Saint Germain to light his ultraviolet flame and burn the karma between you.

4. End with a prayer of gratitude

Be grateful for the lessons you have learned through this incident and meditate on how this helped you, made you stronger/wiser/more loving. Repeat this mantra silently inside yourself:

“I love you. I am sorry. I forgive you. Thank you.”

You are done forgiving and delinking when you are able to wish upon the other as you wish for yourself!

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