The Amazing Capabilities of the Healy: Digital Therapy & Digital Homeopathy

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The Amazing Capabilities of the Healy:

Digital Therapy & Homeopathy


Hello and welcome to the beginning of our Digital Therapy & Homeopathy Series! This entire blog post series will build upon some of the information we learned in our Amazing Capabilities of the Healy post, as well as the foundational information we discussed in the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend series. If you haven’t read either of these posts yet, you can check them out here: Amazing Capabilities of the Healy; How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend.

Okay, now that the introduction is covered and you know where to go if what you read in this post doesn’t make any sense, let’s get to the question you must be asking already…

What is Digital Therapy & Homeopathy?

That’s a great question! 

But first, as we demonstrated in our last series, Digital Acupuncture and the 20 Meridians, before we can define digital acupuncture or digital homeopathy, first we must define acupuncture or homeopathy to build the foundation for understanding.

What is Homeopathy?

According to the WebMD page What is Homeopathy?, “Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals. They believe these stimulate the healing process. It was developed in the late 1700s in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahneman. It’s common in many European countries, but it’s not quite as popular in the United States.”

While this definition isn’t necessarily the true meaning of homeopathy, the understanding that natural substances can stimulate the healing process is a great place to begin. And while we like to refer to the information we’re teaching you as Digital Homeopathy, it may actually be more accurate to call it Digital Therapy, with Digital Homeopathy as one of the capabilities within this Digital Therapy.

This may be a little confusing but in our next blog post, Digital Homeopathy: Healy Materia Medica Database – Introduction to Homeopathy & the Materia Medica, we’ll dive deeper into the origins and operating principles of homeopathy.

The reason it’s important to make a distinction between Digital Therapy and Digital Homeopathy is because of the wide range of frequencies available within the Healy’s databases. Not all of these Digital Therapy Healy Databases operate under the principles of homeopathy. For instance, through the Vital Substances Healy Database (formerly known as Amino Acids), you can access the frequency of Vitamin C. As you’ll see in the next blog post, there are several reasons why Vitamin C doesn’t count as a homeopathic remedy, but it is still a great, healing substance for the body.


Not to worry, there are plenty of more traditional mediums of homeopathy available through your Healy’s Digital Homeopathy capabilities as well. From herbs and flowers essences to gem elixirs and tissue salts, the Healy conveniently grants access to all of your homeopathic and naturopathic needs. And with the recent addition (May, 2021) of the Healy Creative Homeopathy Healy Database, which contains over 300+ individual frequency programs, the list of digital homeopathic & digital therapy frequencies in the palm of your hand is still increasing!

Digital Therapy

As we discuss at length in the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend series, the Healy can use microcurrents as a medium to transfer frequencies to the body. These frequencies can be delivered at the same resonating frequency as a multitude of different things. Everything has a range of resonating frequencies, from your chair to the frequency of love. 

As an example, in the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend series, we showed a child breaking a glass with his voice. But imagine, instead, sending the frequency of Vitamin C, for instance, to your cells, or Omega-6 fatty acids, or tissue salts, or flower essences. The list of healing, natural substances that you can send the frequencies of through the Healy goes on and on. And the best part is, as we discussed in the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend series, through the Healy’s Quantum Sensor, it can use the Quantum Information Field as its medium and send these resonating frequencies over a distance. 

(If you’re confused by how all of this is possible, we really recommend you check out the How to Explain the Healy to Your Friend series.)

Next, we’ll discuss the different databases that we consider to be within the scope of Digital Therapy.

The Digital Therapy Healy Databases

Healy Vital Substances (formerly known as Amino Acids) Database – 76 Programs

The Amino Acids Healy Database was recently (May, 2021) renamed Vital Substances, which was a much more fitting title for the database since it wasn’t just limited to amino acids. The Vital Substances Healy Database contains programs that correlate to amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. 

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are crucial to many different functions within the body. The same importance to functions within the body is true for fatty acids, minerals and vitamins as well. Many of these crucial nutrients are obtained through our diets, but given the way eating patterns have changed over the last 100-200 years (fast food, GMOs, etc.), many of us are deficient in some of these nutrients and the Healy can help.

Healy Alaskan Gem Elixirs Database – 48 Programs

The Alaskan Essences website sums up the power of the gem elixirs quite succinctly, saying that “Gem Elixirs help us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness that are catalyzed by the use of flower essences. Gem elixirs stabilize and restructure our energy systems so that our physical bodies can maintain their balance as the consciousness within us grows and expands.” From calming and grounding to increased stamina and healing, the 48 different Alaskan Gem Elixirs provide a wide range of benefits.

Healy Australian Bush Flowers Database – 68 Programs

Developed by Ian White, the effects of the Australian Bush Flower Essences are “similar to that of meditation in that they enable the person to access the wisdom of their Higher Self. This releases negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind and allows the positive virtues of the Higher Self – love, joy, faith, courage etc. to flood their being. When this happens the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved, balance is restored and true healing occurs,” according to the Australian Bush Flower Essences website.

Healy Bach Flower Remedies Database – 39 Programs

As the Bach Remedies website states, the Bach Flower Remedies are a “system of plant and flower-based remedies [that] was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who was convinced that emotional wellbeing was key to overall health.” The site continues on to say that the “complete system offers natural remedies to support wellness, using a personal, holistic approach.”

Healy Materia Medica Database – 42 Programs

According to Wikipedia, the first Materia Medica, written by Pedanius Dioscorides between 50 and 70 CE, “is a pharmacopoeia of medicinal plants and the medicines that can be obtained from them” and was “widely read for more than 1,500 years until supplanted by revised herbals in the Renaissance, making it one of the longest-lasting of all natural history books.” 

However, it was the German doctor and creator of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who published a book, Materia Medica Pura, in 1846, which the Healy Materia Medica Database is based on. The work by Dr. Hahnemann transcended the use of the healing properties of plants and became what we know as homeopathy today.

The Healy Materia Medica Database is one of the best examples of Digital Homeopathy. It contains a selection of some of the most common remedies from Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura to create a wide range of treatment possibilities. The advantage of the Healy is that it selects the five homeopathic remedies that most resonate with your condition and then combines them for increased therapeutic prowess. The combination of the five best homeopathic remedy frequencies creates a synergistic effect that has a stronger effect than each one separately. In fact, the combining of several homeopathic remedies together for treatment is the most common approach to homeopathy, since it is rare that any one remedy is a perfect match for all of a person’s symptoms (remember, everyone is different). This is also true with the Healy, as it is very rare for any one remedy frequency program to return with 100% resonance.

So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the highest resonance scores while using Digital Homeopathy, the strength is in the synergy!

Healy Schuessler Salts Database – 27 Programs

On the Schuessler Salts website, they discuss how this form of homeopathy works, stating that “the human body contains twelve vital mineral (tissue) salts, a proper balance of which is necessary for normal cell function and to maintain good health. When cellular balance is disturbed an abnormal condition leading to various ailments follows. According to Dr Schuessler, a normal balance of these vital salts can be re-established by administering the deficient mineral salts in a readily assimilated form. These are now known as Schuessler Tissue Salts.”

Healy Creative Homeopathy – Psyche Database – 348 Programs

As mentioned above, many – if not all – of the Creative Homeopathy – Pysche individual frequency programs can be found in the Homeopathic Materia Medica. The homeopathic remedies (of which the frequencies of these individual frequency programs are derived from) range from adrenaline, acetic acid (main chemical component in vinegar aside from water) and chromium to gingko biloba, ginger and violas. Just like the Materia Medica Healy Database, Creative Homeopathy – Psyche contains an extremely wide range of homeopathic remedies, including many of those found within the Healy Materia Medica Database.

Individual Digital Therapy Healy Frequency Programs

We know it’s a lot to take in all at once. That’s why we’ll go through each Digital Therapy Healy Database one-by-one and tell you everything you need to know about the different individual frequency programs in these databases. And if you ever have any questions, you’ll have a place to reference for quick information and answers.

In our next post, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the Healy Materia Medica Database and how Digital Homeopathy works. 


Stay tuned!




DISCLAIMER: Healy© is a medical certified product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders.

All other applications of the Healy© are not (yet) recognized by mainstream medicine because its efficacy has not been scientifically proven. Healy© is complementary and supportive and does not replace medical advice.

Quantum Multiversity is an independent legal entity from the Healy World GmbH.

The Healy© Company cannot be held responsible for any part of this training nor claims made in this training.
This HEALYou Practitioner Training offers information designed for educational purposes only.

You should not rely on any information in this Training as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or as a substitute for professional counseling care, advice, diagnosis or treatment.

If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.

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