Remote CHI Practitioner Videokurs

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Joy & Roy Martina have developed a method that effectively
makes distant healing for all to learn: The fusion of the most effective
techniques of distant healing and influencing, Quantum Healing and Spiritual Healing, coupled with Decades of research into holistic medicine, miracles cures within reach … and to your home.

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Remote CHI

Powerful, focused healing in a direct way
… but from a distance!

Finally: Learn how you can help you and your Effectively loved ones. 

Now available as on-line video training!

Distant Healing at home with you

Remote CHI 2 Roy_Joy_MartinaJoy & Roy Martina have developed a method did Effectively
makes distant healing for all to learn: The fusion of the most effective
techniques of distant healing and influencing, Quantum Healing and Spiritual Healing, coupled with Decades of research into holistic medicine, miracles cures within reach … and to yours home.

Video-on -Demand: Learn this method Easily from home
Remote chi practitioner For Those of you who were unable to attend our workshop in Germany: We have the training recorded live on video! Now can view online, Whenever it suits you, and learn this exciting method in detail and you this video. You therefore get a Flowchart That guides you through your healing sessions.
This training has been developed to share our approach and methods for healing with all Those Who Want to bring Their healing to the next level.

The strength of the building ETS

Remote CHI 3 PrayerThere are several ways to carry out remote cures. The most famous of Which Is that of prayer. Extensive research
Demonstrates the power and effectiveness of prayer for a long time. But now
you against vice, You Could multiply this force indefinitely?
Instead of a Raindrop you send a tsunami to healing energy …
Can you imagine what miracles are possible?

Remote CHI ®  is different
remote CHI ®  is a Completely different, systematic scientific approach to the healing process.
It is a combination of powerful healing techniques Which utilize the power of a group of physical beings, in synergy with non-embodied beings of light ( Leaders, Masters, healers, divine beings, etc.) to create at enormous impact in the shortest time.

The components of this training

  • Remove sabotage and blockades : it is an essential part of the remote transmitter and receiver CHI That Both of healing free from limiting blockages, beliefs, karma, etc oaths must be in order to allow a profound healing.
  • The coordinate system of Remote Viewing  (developed by Stanford University) Allows a precise definition in the space / time continuum of
    target / target = recipient / client and station = therapist.
  • Theta CHI sleeping integration program : A 7-hour, guided healing journey for the sender and receiver of the remote CHI, based on the latest findings in neuroscience, Ensures to optimum state for the receipt and sending of healing energy, to strengthen the self- Healing Powers and integration healing. The transmitter sends healing even during sleep, and the recipient wants to receive healing during sleep. This Increases the healing effect by a factor of 10 degrees.
  • Pong Youp : You want to learn the art of controlled breathing with focused concentration and a clear healing intention.
  • Working with the  body consciousness : start a healing dialogue together with the Supreme Self.
  • The matrix system  of Albert Ignatenko. From the research of psycho-Informationologie you want to learn how you build a clear communication channel for the healing energy between you and your clients.
  • Your Healing Journey Diary : by you record the effects of healing, you want you even more aware of the healing energy and stay in the energy flow.

Synchronicity – the Mulitiplikation of Energy

Remote CHI 4 EnergiesSome healers use some of synthesis strategies and techniques, but
none of them good is all at the sametime.
With Remote CHI ®  concept, however. you use is the combination of synergistic forces and steigerst the effectiveness of the healing method
The Remote CHI ®  practitioners devote time each day for the healing of Their clients and to help with the desire very dedicated individuals. They use Their unique talents and bring them even better for use, in Which They work hard on yourself Continuously. They heal
so mutually in order to increase the range of options and the rate of healing.

Build your skills step by step on
The advantage of video on demand That you can build your skills step by step. What the Stanford University during training of Psychic Spies (remote
has found viewers) for the CIA, is That Everyone Has thesis psychic abilities and That everyone can learn search skills with at Appropriate training protocol.
Remote Chi distant healing works in the same way: if you developed the
follow protocol, you’ll immediately get remarkable results. Let yourself be surprised!

Positive Side Effects: remote influencing
distance healing is the ability to influence the energy with the power of your intention. This will automatically increase your ability to influence your future and to create the Desired results did you desire in your life.

Remote CHI ® : Your Secret Weapon for Success and Healing

For  299 euros  you get:

  • Entire the 3-day workshop as video on demand
  • A flowchart guides you through your meetings Which
  • Remote Audio Chi as a unique Sleep Program

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