Kleine Karma Boek: Succes, Liefde, Relaties, Gezondheid, Overvloed!

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“This booklet about Karma is an instruction for enhancing your success in all areas of your life. Many people struggle with the process of inner blocks from the past that stop them a fuller, happier, more successful and abundant life to live. This book is intended to provide individual assistance in recognizing these blockages, and then gives you the means to develop a healthy and lasting relationship with Karma – a tool that is essential to meet the goals of prosperity!

Let us help you in learning:

What is Chris Tallinn Council?

What is Karma?

Your karmic Spirituality

Chris Tallinn on Positive Karma

Chapter 1: Healer or entrepreneur?

Chapter 2: Your Spiritual Ego

Chapter 3: Cristallin karmic Principles

Chapter 4: The 13 Laws of Karma

Chapter 5: Have Money “in love” be on your

Chapter 6: The paradox of free will?

Chapter 7: The message of disease

Chapter 8: What tells you your suffering?

Chapter 9: Seven steps to clean up Negativity

Chapter 10: Karmic Virtues for Business Success

Each section of this book comes complete with lessons in skills and then guided and individualized practical exercises to help you now to build a foundation for success! Join us on this karmic journey and let us guide you past your barriers to success and your life to fill the skills necessary for wealth and abundance! “

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