Are you sleeping next to a sociopath?

1 in 25 Americans are sociopaths. Have you been sleeping next to one of them? Do they charm you (and others) with their intense staring eyes and an alluring personality? Do they shower you with gifts in your fast-paced romance? Do the tables quickly turn as they flip personalities? Do they simultaneously have a towering ego and lack the empathy for many personal connections? If you look closely would you find lies in every crevice and an inability to accept guilt or blame?

If any of these made you think of your significant other, there’s a chance you are in danger. Seeing through this facade, especially when you love someone, can be one of the hardest things to do. This is where your intuition comes into play. That feeling you get in your gut about a person? Listen to it. That is your intuition tugging at your sleeve. Your body and mind connecting in an alert system that helps us see truth in life. Often your intuition is right so tune into it. What you’ve been ignoring might surprise you.


I said escaping and not leaving for a reason. This is not an ordinary break-up. There is no leaving a sociopath. Your situation is dangerous and in dealing with a situation such as this, you have to come to an understanding that sociopaths do not think like the rest of us, and they refuse to lose. It is important that you end this relationship. I cannot stress enough that you are in danger. Do not engage in conflict with this person. They will thrive on it. They can easily become angered, violent, and make careful manipulative moves to try and make you feel guilt, or that you are the problem.

Leave as conflict free as you can. Go no contact. I say this as much for you as I do them. Change your locks. Change your internet passwords. Change your phone number. Make it as hard as possible for them to reach out to you. They can be deceptive and will do anything and be whoever they need to be to win this “round”.  If you stray from this rule even in the slightest, you are opening yourself back up to their influence.


As any individual who has gone through trauma knows, recovery is a key part in being able to move forward with your life. Take some time for yourself. Be selfish and focus on your needs. It can be hard after a time of dealing with someone who drains so much energy. Know that you are not responsible for this person’s actions. It’s human to trust. You are only responsible for your actions. When you feel it’s time, reach out to those who love and care for you. They may have been pushed away by this destructive person in your life and felt it was necessary to detach from the situation because of their concern for you. Invite them back in. It may be hard for them to understand the situation as you do, that’s okay. Connect with others who know what you’ve been through and what your life is now like as a survivor. There is support available.

You are strong

Realizing you are in a relationship with a sociopath can be a scary situation. Listening to your intuition is a major key in staying in tune with warning signals. Breaking off a relationship with this type of person is as important as it is dangerous but know now that you can do this. You are strong enough and you will see the other side of this. There is a circle of love surrounding you that lends courage and light. Repeat after me, “I am courageous. I am so brave. I have the resources I need to not only survive, but thrive!”

A clip from an emergency coaching call with one of our community members in a relationship with a sociopath. Join them to release the sabotage and trauma that may be keeping you in a relationship with a sociopath.

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