Helpful Resources For Those Experiencing Trauma



Our relationships with family, friends, and loved ones are a big part of our lives. Sometimes they do not go as we planned, Watch as Joy tells how we can spend time with the people who give us energy and stop worrying about people who may not want to give you what you want to hear from them in her video, “Accepting the Nature of Your Relationships”.



Watch as Joy walks us through “Joy’s 5 Steps to Forgiveness” as we journey towards a path of eliminating all of the toxic karma we have weighing us down.


Watch as Joy and Roy take us through physical exercises to release stress your body is holding on to in their video, “Heal a Difficult Relationship with this Exercise”.



Watch as young Grace recites a poem, “Love Will Never Let Me Go”, that sends us a loving reminder when we need it the most.


Joy and Roy talk about how important it is for love to first come from within in their blog post, “How Love Changes Lives”.