Counseling in the Quantum Era

For coaches and therapists who want breakthrough sessions. Every time.

Coaching is dead.

In an age where everything is on demand and instantaneous, traditional coaching and therapy are too slow.

While everything around us is evolving at the speed of Aquarius, most coaching techniques stay in the past.

The Aquarius Age is characterized by ease, flow and instant attraction.

You can see it in your daily life.

Your favorite movies and TV shows available when you want.
You can have your dinner or groceries brought to your door.
You can shop almost anything without leaving your home.

Since we entered the Age of Aquarius, our technology has rapidly evolved.

Our technology is a reflection of the age we’re in.

It’s the same for our spiritual ‘technology.’

It’s time for healing tools that work immediately.

How to heal yourself and others faster than ever
without falling back into old patterns

Gone are the days of waiting forever. 

Ease, flow and attraction are your powers now. 

If you know how to use them…

Breakthroughs used to take weeks, months or even years with the best coaches and therapists. 

Recurring issues came back like weeds to taunt both the healer and the healing. 

But those days are over.

It’s time the healing of the spirit, body and mind become on demand and instant. 

Welcome to the new era.

Become a Quantum Spiritual Counselor.

Quantum Spiritual Counselor

During this new and unique training program you will learn how to create breakthroughs for yourself and your clients by discovering, letting go and transforming unconscious blocks instantly.

Quantum Science

Understanding Quantum Concepts, Quantum Laws and the applications for achieving your goals and dreams.

Personal Power

Increase in personal power and self-esteem, believe in your unlimited potential and inner connection (self-love) and universal connection.

Emotional Intelligence

Release emotional charge from the past and transform negativity into positive intention. Decisiveness and being able to deal with all challenges in your path

Tuning in to the Law of Attraction

Effortlessly manifest through the awakening of your magnetic attraction to your goals and dreams.

Spiritual Counselor

Being able to assist and support others on their way to become their best version of themselves. You will receive a certificate after taking a test.
After level 1 you can choose whether you want to go deeper.

Program Curriculum

Part I - Quantum Theory

  • What is Quantum & the Basics of Quantum Applications
  • The Most Important 2 Quantum Laws: Resonance & Effortlessness
  • The Power of Quantum Goals & Accessing Your Quantum Self
  • Mastering the Subconsciousness & Your Emotional and Mental Reality
  • Secrets of Self-Protection and Anchoring

Part II - Tuning Into High Frequencies

  • Q&A Part I
  • The hidden language of your organs and meridians
  • Acupressure for Emotional Freedom
  • Kinesiology (Muscle-Testing) Yourself and Others
  • The 5 Elements for Emotional Balance

Part III - Diving Deep to Eliminate & Transform

  • Q&A Part II
  • Deep Dive: Recognize and Transform Mental Blocks and Negativity
  • Deep Dive: Identify and Eliminate Negative Connections and Burn Bad Karma

Part IV - The Congruent Healing

  • Q&A Part III
  • Chakra Healing: Detecting and Eliminating Blocks
  • Inner Child Healing: Feeling Loved and Worthy of Life Filled with Happiness
  • Congruence with Your Best Version of Yourself.

Dates & Times

18 November 2022, 14:00 - 18:30 CET
19 November 2022, 14:00 - 18:30 CET
25 November 2022, 14:00 - 18:30 CET
26 November 2022, 14:00 - 18:30 CET

All calls will be held on Zoom and will be recorded.

Your Investment for this Training

This unique online course is priced at €299 ex VAT (€ 361,79 incl VAT) and is the first level of a 3-part Quantum series that will also include Quantum Timeline Practitioner and Quantum Timeline Master Practitioner. (After level 1 you can choose whether you want to go deeper.)

Here are the main things you need to know about this training to make your decision:

  • You WILL become congruent with your Quantum Identity - that version of you that is 100% connected to your best self, the unstoppable you.
  • You WILL learn to step firmly into the Quantum Timeline you choose, that version of life that is created for and supports your heart’s desires.
  • You WILL transform and let go of the unconscious blocks that are holding you back from achieving your Quantum Identity and Timeline.
  • And you WILL be able to help others do the same in record time.

🛠️The only tools you’ll ever need for instant, full, and lasting healing

Learn how to harness the power of the Aquarius Age with new spiritual technology that invites healing to take place by transforming the heart of the issue.

📝Get certified with 16 hours of hands-on and practical training

This isn’t a theoretical course, it’s a full training program where you learn how to use the tools. You will receive a certificate after taking a test. 

🌐Live, online and recorded for your convenience

The training will take place live and online via 4 Zoom calls.
All calls will be recorded for rewatching. 

🔮13 powerful techniques that affect the Quantum Field

Discover the 13 new and improved counseling techniques that have been proven to work across through the ages, now infused with Quantum and Aquarius Energy.

If you’ve been waiting and looking for an opportunity to become a life-changing healer…

Then this is it!

These are the exact same tools I’m using to create powerful transformations for my clients, family and friends right now. And they WORK.

And now I am making them available for YOU!

See you soon in the Quantum Field,

Much Love,

Roy Martina

Copyright - Quantum Multiverse

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