Based on your answers, you seem to fit into the category of:

Everything Mixed

People in the “Everything Mixed” category are often blocked by traumatic experiences in this life or previous ones.

If you find yourself in this category, it’s likely that you’ve experienced ESP or psychic abilities, for example, seeing auras as a child. But your parents, or society or even a traumatic experience caused you (perhaps subconsciously) to bury or ‘forget’ those gifts.

I see this often with people who were burned as witches in previous lives, or people who grow up in very strict religious families, where gifts such as these are seen as evil. Well, guess what? They’re NOT. Divine communication is your birthright.

Don’t let the blindness of others take away your spiritual sight (or other senses). To solve this, you just need to ‘remember’ your gifts and heal the conditioning, trauma or pain that’s blocking them.

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