Exclusive Quantum Integration Retreat
by Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

6 Day Retreat 15-21 April at our Sanctuary in Asheville NC, USA
Quantum Jumping or Quantum Flying? 
Ask yourself, would you like to hop like a frog or soar like an eagle? This information is to give you the clarity to make a decision whether you are going for your biggest dream (flying) or something more realistic (jumping). 
This is not a sales pitch, you either resonate or you don’t! If your heart says "yes", you know what to do!
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LINEAR THINKING is our normal state of thinking; meaning we are in an active Beta-Brainwave-State and most connected to our rational left-brain hemisphere. This is the state, where we innovate something we already know, we tweak, we synergize, we combine strategies, we make what we know more efficient. On the other side, Solar panels were born through Quantum Thinking; whereas the use of solar roofs is linear thinking (improving a concept). 
Elon Musk: a quantum jumper or quantum flyer?
In the Tesla cars (which are entirely ELECTRIC) there is a lot of innovation, but the part that is considered a quantum jump is the way the original concept of the car deviates from the linear way of standard car manufacturing. We see the same in Space X: Rockets, which are normally used only once, are being innovated so they can be re-used. Because these are innovations on existing designs, that is not real Quantum Flying. When we stop using rockets and instead create a new concept based on antigravity, then that would be a real Quantum Jump.
QUANTUM THINKING is when we are in a deep relaxed Theta-Brainwave-State and most connected to our right brain hemisphere. 
Quantum Thinking is the fastest way for personal development that will totally disrupt old patterns and create breakthroughs (Quantum Jumps) on many levels, in fast succession. Most people make quantum jumps, what we teach is Quantum Flying.
This state of Quantum Thinking has the power to totally disrupt the status quo. Think Airbnb and Uber. These phenomena completely changed entire industries, almost overnight.
Internet is a quantum shift of snail mail (postal service), the fax machine, and the way we communicate (social media). Same for smart phones.
A real Quantum Jump is when something completely new and original is created. It is not an improvement of an existing technique or concept. The automobile itself was a quantum jump from the horse carriage. 
The wheel, fire and agriculture were quantum jumps in consciousness. The computer and the invention of airplanes and jet propulsion are also examples of quantum jumps. 
Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison were all famous Quantum Thinkers. Quantum happens when our brainwaves are in Theta or Alpha (this is when real creative thinking, intuition and healing happens). Linear thinking occurs when we are in a Beta-Brainwave-State, which means we are wide awake, but our thinking processes are slower. That is why in this state we can innovate but not make Quantum Jumps. The greatest ideas come when we are not focused, like when we are running, taking a bath, showering, listening to music, or when we are falling asleep.
Quantum Key words: Multiverse, Parallel timelines, Coordinates, Portals to other timelines, EMP, Synchronicity, Quantum thinking, Deja-vu phenomena, Quantum Self, Vortex, Impossible doesn’t exist, Quantum Intuition, & Quantum Remote Viewing & Quantum Astral Projection & Quantum Channeling.
 (see the last part, read first if this is new to you)

A new brilliant idea that comes to you in your current Universe already exists in the Multiverse. Your job is to become the person you are on that timeline, where the idea already exists.
Impossible Dreams come from Existing Realities
When you come up with a dream so big that it seems impossible because you don’t know how to realize it, know that it is already created in an alternate Universe.

​​​​​​​The how is not your problem, you only need to focus on:
The 7 Quantum Keys

Becoming the Quantum-You
You have to unlearn most of what you think you know about life and manifestation to become the person who can make “the impossible” happen. You will need to take on new beliefs, new ways of looking at yourself and transform all old parts of you.

​​​​​​​First you have to establish your unique terms of success and manifestation. We will show you how! You will learn the 3 stages of becoming your most powerful Quantum Self.
Exercising Sensory Acuity
Pay attention to the signs (coincidences that are abnormal in your awareness) and know when to act and when to let go. 

​​​​​​​You will also become a Master in self-observation (the prerequisite to change yourself)
Letting Go of Control
You cannot force the Universe, you can only allow the Universe to do its work. The more you try to control, the more you block it. You cannot control Quantum, you can only allow and follow Quantum.

​​​​​​​You will learn to maximize your Power of Intent and the mindset of allowing the Universe to work for you. (Power instead of Force)
The How is Not up to You
Don’t worry about the HOW! Focus on your WHY and work on yourself to keep a peak state and allowing Mindfulness from a higher level of Intelligence to support you. 

​​​​​​​The HOW will be revealed by synchronicity.
Quantum Flying also known as Quantum Portal Jumping
Instead of trying to visualize, you develop the ability to Quantum Portal Jump (QPJ) to the timeline where you are already successful beyond your dreams and you will learn and receive all the new information you can possibly know. 
​​​​​​​​We will teach you how to set the right coordinates for the future where you thrive the most and the most of your potential has been awakened.

Removing Fears Disruptive of Success
Remove the blocks that are stopping you from becoming the successful person you need to be in order to make the impossible possible. Success has to be built around a lifestyle that fills your heart with joy and not stress! You are creating the life of your dreams and getting there with just hard work is not sustainable in the long run. 
We will teach you how to drastically eliminate any fear of your future or success by custom creating your destination lifestyle according to your deepest desires. 

Spend time in the Quantum Reality
The more time you spend in that Quantum Reality, where your dream already is reality, the faster and easier it is to manifest that dream and attract the optimum outcomes. 
You will learn how to spend time in the preferred Quantum realm while your body is sleeping! This will increase your vibrational frequency and magnetism (acceleration) towards your Quantum future!

​​​​​​​Purpose of the Retreat

Learn how to use kinesiology & self-testing as tools to connect with your Quantum Self. You will be guided to become 100% ego-free in testing so you achieve objective & verifiable results.
Eliminate Blocks
Remove deeply hidden blocks to become your Best Quantum Self with grace, ease and joy. This will accelerate your evolutionary process.
Identity Integration
Learn how to Integrate your Impossible Dream Identity to a full 100% in your subconscious mind! When all blocks are eliminated you automatically become your Quantum Self!
Connect to Your Full Potential
Eliminate the blocks that are preventing you from fully stepping into your full potential and completely accept your greatest mission on this planet.
​​​​​​​Universal Language
Understanding the many ways that the Universe communicates with you and being able to read the signs correctly. 
​​​​​​​Our Promise: Gain Unshakeable Faith
Unshakeable Faith is the faith that will keep you going when you are maximally challenged (which will happen) and do not know what's next! It's not a belief, it's knowing with certainty that all will be great in the end, if it's not great it just means you have not yet reached the endpoint.

Quantum Concept
When you understand how Quantum works, it’s easy to apply its principles to your life.
Feel Quantum Empowered
When you leave the retreat, you will feel empowered and emboldened to really go for your dreams. 
Quantum Tools
You will have the tools to deal with any challenge on your path (physical, emotional, mental). Also, you will be able to test for the best course of action.
Quantum Coaching
You will be able to coach others in this way of life and manifestation. (This is not an officially certified coaching training, but you will definitely be able to coach and help others with your skillsets if you choose to.)
You will be able to read the signs of synchronicity correctly.
Emotional-Mental Management
You will be able to quickly change your state from negative to a positive mindset at will.
Other benefits after the workshop

You become 100% congruent with being your best self; your self-worth and confidence will skyrocket.
You have removed your money blocks and can end the money struggle once and for all.
You have opened your mind to become super creative and a masterful problem-solving machine.
You have mastered Portal Quantum Jumping to your best possible future.
You have mastered opening up to more of your resources with the Quantum Roykov Method
You have learnt a system of self-testing and can quickly eliminate sabotage mechanisms and integrate new beliefs, new skillsets, and new resources.
You have learnt how to program your mind faster than ever!
Our Purpose:
The Creation of 3 Quantum Groups
Quantum Ambassadors
Students who use their powers to improve this world on a large scale.
Quantum Coaches
Coaches who live and coach from their best Quantum Field.
Quantum Trainers
Trainers who teach the concepts of Quantum Thinking and live in their best Quantum Field.
RIGHT NOW, we are most interested in teaching Trainers first. This workshop is a prerequisite to become a Trainer in our method of Quantum Portal Jumping!
Quantum Key words: Multiverse, Parallel timelines, Coordinates, Portals to other timelines, EMP, Synchronicity, Quantum thinking, Deja-vu phenomena, Quantum Self, Vortex, Impossible doesn’t exist, Quantum Intuition, & Quantum Remote Viewing & Quantum Astral Projection & Quantum Channeling.
 (see below for explanation of these terms)
There's not just one Universe, but many more parallel Universes all happening at the same time. In the Quantum Field, there are many people looking exactly like you with the same name, living different lives - some great, some not so great. It's like having clones of you living different lives.
Parallel Timelines
The Quantum clones of you live in another timeline or in other words, in another Universe.
These state which timeline you want to go to. For example: “The timeline, where I am the happiest, most fulfilled, most successful and contribute the most to the world!” or another example: “The timeline where I am a Billionaire; happily married, live the longest and I am most vital!” or another example “The timeline, where I am fulfilling my mission to help end poverty on this planet!” or  “The timeline, where I am the happiest, most fulfilled and most successful!” etc.
Portals to other Timelines
Each time you jump in your imagination to another timeline, you go through a tunnel, which we call the portal or gateway.
EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)
We teach you how to increase your EMP with your intent. A strong EMP creates Quantum Ripple Effects in your Universe and accelerates synchronicity. 
In becoming your Alternate Quantum Self you will experience increasingly rapidly happening coincidences to help you meet the right people and get the right opportunities to bring you to that other timeline where your dream is. 
Quantum Thinking
Your goal in Quantum is to detach from the idea that you control anything or patiently wait till everything happens. Your job is to observe yourself (Mindfulness) and check if you're thinking, feeling or acting like your Quantum Self or your “normal” self. As soon as you discover that you're back in your normal self, your job is to change your state and imagine thinking like your Quantum Self. It is not “fake it until you make it” but “becoming the One who makes it”. You don’t attract what you want but who you are. This is the path to Quantum Fly.
Because you are seeing the coming future with Quantum Remote Viewing, you will notice more and more Synchronicity. That’s when you know you are in the vortex of the Quantum Portal.
Quantum Self
This is a clone of you living a different life in a different Universe (timeline).
A state of pulling energy (irresistible force) - similar to a black hole, where the gravitational field is so strong that nothing, including light can escape from its vicinity. You become the vortex to pull the other timeline to you!
“Impossible” doesn’t exist
In general, we cannot come up with impossibilities in our creation, we can only find limitations in ourselves. Every dream can be made possible if we radically change our thinking that believes it is impossible. “A Quantum Mind" is connected to the “Infinite Quantum Soup of Possibilities” (Deepak Chopra).
Quantum Intuition
When we are connected to our Quantum Self in another timeline, we are receiving information on that timeline into our vortex. This then feels like Intuition (but it is actually guidance from your QS).
Quantum Remote Viewing
When we QPJ into another timeline we are either Remote Viewing or Astral Projecting. We are seeing what is in another future, another time, or another dimension.  
Quantum Astral Projection
The ability to move our consciousness outside of our current time space continuum presence into another timeline or dimension and often experience what is happening there with our full body.
Quantum Channeling
When another Quantum Self is speaking through us and revealing information we normally do not know from our own experience.
Quantum Train the Trainer

We started training the first to be Quantum Trainer: Giovanni Eleonora… and there is space for more! Giovanni has the assignment to pass his knowledge on to the next trainers and coach them to become a Quantum Trainer, under our supervision.

The Quantum Trainer will train Quantum Coaches & Trainers in a yet to be determined location and time. If you are interested, shoot an email to [email protected] with the reference: Quantum Trainer to receive more information about the workshop.

​​​​​​​We see the need for International Quantum Trainers to teach these amazing new techniques. The goal behind this is that as more and more people become the best version of themselves, we create more momentum to really make a big impact on our planetary future for the better.
Asheville has a small airport (AVL). KLM flies to Atlanta then to Asheville, and there are other options available. The Charlotte (CLT) airport is 2 hours from Asheville.
There are many affordable hotels, Air B'n'Bs and bed and breakfasts in the area.

The workshop will be conducted primarily in English though Joy speaks German and Roy speaks Dutch and understands Italian. 

Early Bird Price
Couples Price $8000
Pricing goes up April 1. You can choose two payments or a single payment below. Full payment must be complete by April 1.

Individuals paying full price will receive a $250 discount! Couples will receive a $500 discount for full payment.
Regular Price
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Individuals paying full price will receive a $250 discount! Couples will receive a $500 discount for full payment.
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You must choose either the two payment or single payment option to reserve your place. 

Full payment needs to be completed by April 1 to hold your space. If you pay full price at once, you will receive a $250 discount for individuals and a $500 discount for couples.

You will receive a questionnaire with 5 simple questions. This will give us insight into your goals for this workshop and ensure that we are on the same page.

Limited Spaces 
Minus assistants, we can only accept 45 participants. First come, first served!

Bring a friend (Referrals)
As we will not be aggressively marketing this retreat and are mainly presenting this to our inner circle, you will receive a bonus discount of $500 for each friend or acquaintance you bring. 

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Couples: if you come together, it’s $8000 - instead of $5000 each.

Video taping
We may video tape the workshop for later use. This material may be sold for a yet to be determined price.

Our gratitude to Christallin
We are excited to guide the first group through this intensive Quantum Training, and we are excited to bring this new technology to the world. We are grateful to our Divine Counsel Christallin, a Collective Quantum Intelligence that guide's on our life’s missions.

We normally do workshops with 500 plus attendants in Europe. This is an exclusive and intimate retreat we lead in our own personal sanctuary. We are looking for individuals who want to make a huge difference on this planet. Let’s Quantum Fly together to a better planet and future!
Any questions: [email protected].

Preparation is everything
In order to prepare, you will a receive the booklet from Giovanni about the quantum shift that happened in the first 3 months he was coached called The Quantum Millionaire Mindset!

You will also receive, a manuscript of Roy’s 87th Book (not published yet): The Secrets of the Lazy Billionaire! These are easy reads and will give you the background to understand Quantum even better!