CSH Practitioner Level 1, 2, 3

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Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign” – John Stuart Mills

We at Christallin firmly espouse the policy of deliberate living and deliberate creation.

You should be able to choose the kind of life you live and invest time and effort in improving its quality. However up until a few years ago, we were all held hostage by Darwin’s Theory of Random Expression of Genes. It left the probability of being afflicted with diseases like cancer and diabetes and desirable traits like mental prowess and resilience to the roll of the dice!

But the concept of epigenome has turned the game on its head. Epigenomes contain a record of all the chemical changes made to the DNA and protein of a living organism and control how characteristic traits and our genetic make-up is externalized. Since it is scientifically proved that emotional experiences also possess the power to alter our DNA, the impact of these is meticulously catalogued by epigenomes!

But the real twist is the fact that Epigenomes can be passed on from one generation to the other and thus the expression of your genetic content may in fact be influenced by the potent emotional experiences, traumas and epiphanies of your forefathers.

Co-creators Drs. Roy and Joy Martina attribute the inspiration of this system to the divine! The Christallin Source Healing process is like a laser and it looks past the misleading physical symptoms of distress to act on the very origin of negativity, poor health, depression, lack of confidence and a whole host of chronic and acute diseases – the genetic programming or conditioning bequeathed to you as a part of your bloodline and legacy.

It draws on the perfect reservoir of energy always surrounding us, the Chi or the Prana to wipe away and completely erase negative karmic and biological influences from the DNA, allowing the body to rapidly heal itself without limiting beliefs, sabotage, vows, curses and the lingering after effect of traumas.

Get to access the same material which attendees of the revolutionary once in a year Christallin Source Healing seminar enjoy! But at a discounted rate of 497 Euros.

Faster than any existing healing modality, this system is spread out over three levels to help you assimilate the information quicker and put it into action straight away.

LEVEL 1: Will teach you to focus on the Gamma state to resolve karmic blockages and energy imbalance
LEVEL 2: Will walk you through the process using which you can treat physical diseases like Alzheimers and Cancer
LEVEL 3: Will provide on-going training and evolution with live sessions and FAQ support 

If you have questions, write to support@quantummultiverse.world.

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