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For the first time in history, you will have your own Coach, Therapist,
Healer, Acupuncturist and Homeopath in your pocket. (24/7)

By Drs. Joy & Roy Martina & Organized by Quantum Multiverse

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Taking Care of YOU , Your Family and Friends
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For the first time in your life, you will have Coach, Therapist, Healer,  Acupuncturist and Homeopath in your pocket 24/7.

What if you can check how your child is doing? Or help him/her with studying, dealing with stress before an examination, or a new school or a teacher that is challenging? What if you can help a teen going through puberty or a spouse/friend going through menopause?

What if you have a conflict with your spouse, wouldn’t it be great to be able to create an atmosphere of love and healing? What if you can send remote healing to your parents or loved ones who are far away? What if you can help a friend who is going through a tough, challenging time?

Become The Greatest,
Grandest Version Of Yourself.

According to wise people, we are on this earth to become the greatest, grandest version of ourselves.

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Joy and Roy Martina’s mission is to support anyone who wants to grow and become the best they can be. The Healy is a tool that can support you on your spiritual path and personal development by helping you learn how to deal with emotions, conflicts and challenges in your life.

Learn new ways to forgive and let go!
How to come from love and not from anger or fear.
How to make your experience of life more joyous and more grateful! 

With this tool you can overcome your limitations and access more of your potential and resources.

What is the Quantum HEALYou Practitioner© training?
After helping, guiding, coaching and consulting more than 457.000 of his patients and clients, he developed the secret path to Optimal Health.
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This training is not part of the normal Healy World GmbH training or webinars, it has the added benefits of two experts who fell in love with the many applications of the Healy Resonance and added their own expertise and training over 250,000 Therapists, Coaches, lay people and Entrepreneurs worldwide.

Imagine having someone watch over your health at least 4 times a day and checking what is happening in your unconscious mind. How are you reacting to the situations you are in? What issues do you have a difficult time dealing with? What is bothering you? What are you not seeing? What negative energies are you exposed to?

What if you can check the effects of Electro Magnetic Fields such as the 3G, 4G or 5G and other disharmonic disease-forming frequencies? What if you can check which meridians are out of balance or stressed? What if you had a tool that can help your body detox better, sleep better and boost your immune system? Tell you when you could most benefit from relaxation? Tell you which Chakra is out of balance and what you need to work on?

If you would have to pay a coach, acupuncturist, therapist or homeopath for each visit, how much money can you save over a lifetime? With this training you will learn how to catch the subtle signs that can help you prevent disease, recover faster and warn you when you are doing too much. Just preventing a burn-out or stress related disease, what is that worth to you? Your health and wellbeing have no price, it’s priceless. Imagine learning how to manifest your goals faster, or learning to live a life with more grace, ease and joy.

What is the Healy Resonance?
Healy Resonance is a medical device based on Quantum Science that enables a person to receive in-depth analysis of what is happening in their body, mind, soul and life! 
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The Healy Resonance has a scanning application with which you can quickly find the best frequencies to balance your energetic collective of frequencies. 

The Resonance contains all the programs of the Basic option plus additional therapeutic frequencies and a scanning option of what you need and the measurement of your electromagnetic force field. 

The combination of the Healy Resonance and the 50+ years of experience and techniques of Drs. Joy & Roy Martina opens the doors to healing, prevention, wellbeing, prosperity and longevity!

Knowing Thy Self
Is True Power
Why do you need the Healy Resonance to participate in this training?
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You need to know that every person has a range of frequencies coming from the different organs in our bodies. These frequencies can be influenced by our thoughts, emotions, environment, nutrition, lifestyle and our stress/relaxation levels. 

By scanning our body with the Healy Resonance, we can get an accurate insight into what is happening in our bodies. We can see patterns deep in our unconscious mind and we can also see patterns in our emotional, mental, spiritual, cellular and metabolic reality. 

The Healy can balance any disease-causing disharmonic frequencies and you can see the shift happening in real time. The basic model does not have these scanning capabilities. 

This makes the Healy Resonance the best choice in the long term. Additionally, you can scan a building (your house or office for negative energies), animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.), your vehicle, your family, your company, etc. You can also protect yourself from negative electromagnetic frequencies, including people. 

This gives the Resonance a huge advantage and infinite possibilities. On top of that, it is wearable and works from a distance. For example, you can send healing frequencies to a friend or loved one, even in another country. This is a jewel of quantum science technology and the culmination of decades of relentless research and testing.

Balancing Your Environment Is A Key To Lifeforce And Wellbeing

Healy is a medical device used for the treatment of pain such as cases of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. 

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Healy Resonance can scan a building, car, boat or airplane and find disharmonic energies that can affect your life force. Imagine how amazing it would be to be able to turn the frequencies of a building (house) into a harmonic place of study, relaxation, spirituality, learning, job-pleasure and creativity? 

If you meditate, how amazing would it be to meditate in an energy-setting of peace and relaxation? It is like having a Feng Shui specialist at your side 24/7.

What People Are Saying About The Training:
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"HONESTLY… I have no idea how you continue to overdeliver 🥳. I am impressed and humbled by your integrity and professionalism. "

- Sonja S.

"We really go into depth with the infinite possibilities of the Healy and the quantum field.
How can it get any better than this?"

- Catharina S.

"A huge boost to your health! If you really want to get the most out of the Healy, this training is highly recommended. 🍀"

- Joan T.

Enroll in the Quantum HEALYou Practitioner Training

Drs. Joy & Roy Martina will share with you the ins and outs of how they use the Healy Resonance in combination with a healthy diet, exercise, meditation and other tools to become the best version of themselves.

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✓ What is a person’s Quantum signature? What is the Quantum Field and how to influence it.
✓  How to use the Healy Resonance’s hidden therapies.
✓  When to use the micro-currents and why.
✓  How to scan yourself quickly and discover what needs attention and how to get faster and more in-depth treatments.
✓  How to test how long a treatment should last.
✓  How to solve emotional conflicts using the Healy and the 5 Elements.
✓  How to combine Healy with meditation and brain training.
✓  Quantum Jumping: How to use short visualizations to make your dreams come true faster.
✓  How to work on your vision board to speed up the manifestation of your dreams.
✓  How to understand your inner child and heal your past conflicts.
✓  How to make your house an oasis (Sanctuary) of healing, happiness and health.



Excl. 21% VAT

12 X Online Interactive Masterclasses (45 min each)
PDF Slide Deck Presentations
Access to a Growing Library of E-Books, incl. "Turmeric: The Secret Spice to Prevent Dementia, Alzheimer's & Much More", "Make Your Own Magical Black Drawing Salve", "Super Liver Detox Regimen" & More!
Special Membership Facebook Group
Email Support
Qualification for Practitioner Certification
Extra Unreleased bonus training videos
BONUSES: you will receive numerous bonus videos and deep dive Brain Training Meditations for optimal health & vitality


(incl. Practitioner Certification)
The Healy device is NOT INCLUDED in this online training. You have to order the Healy device separately. (Our team will help you with this.)
Joy & Roy’s Motivation And Experience
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Roy decided to become an acupuncturist about 44 years ago. His main motivation was fueled by the origination of acupuncture as a way to keep people healthy and prevent them from becoming ill. Acupuncturists used to focus on keeping people healthy before they got sick. Of course, if somebody did get sick, it was also the acupuncturist's job to make those people healthy again. 

When Roy came into contact with the Healy, he was captivated by that same attitude and mission of Healy to keep people who have no complaints healthy and vital (ultimate prevention), and if one has complaints, to find the root cause and work on that. This is in contrast to Western medicine where the emphasis is on combating symptoms. 

Roy sees the Healy as a means to permanently work on your health and prevent illness, and if you are already ill, as a way to support your body in recovery. That all this can be done with such a small portable device is a miracle of science and originated after many years of research by the Healy inventors. 

Joy is also very enthusiastic and uses the Healy daily. As a highly sensitive psychologist, she specializes in the effects of stress and Healy is one of the best means to neutralize the effects of stress.

Want to know more about how this training can uplevel your health and life? Dr. Roy Martina unpacks the immense value of this revolutionary health journey.

Disclaimer: Healy is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine and for the supportive treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other applications of the Healy are not (yet) recognised by mainstream medicine because its efficacy has not been scientifically proven. Healy is complementary and supportive and does not replace medical advice. 

We Offer A 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
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If you follow the training and apply what you learn and after 60 days you are not happy with what you’ve will learned during the practitioner training or master practitioner, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your workshop fee! Healy World GmbH has a 14 Day return policy.

OPPORTUNITY (Return on Investments)

With this training it will be so much easier for you to get other people interested in getting a Healy, that we are convinced that in no time you will find more people who must have a Healy, which will help you earn back the money invested in the course, your Healy and more within a couple of months. This is also very interesting for Coaches and Therapists to be able to coach their clients on distance.

If you need any help or want to order a Healy Resonance, send an email to [email protected] and mention that you want to buy a Healy Resonance and participate in the Quantum HEALYou (Master) Practitioner Training. Get the Healy first to qualify for the extra discount.

The Quantum Healy Multiversity is an independent partnership from the Healy Company (Healy World GmbH).
In no way is the Healy Company part of this training nor can be held responsible for any part of the training or claims made during this training.
This training is based on the expertise of the Trainers. 

About Drs. Roy Martina

Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned European holistic medical doctor, a profilic bestselling author (85 books), Business & Life Coach and Trainer/Speaker. One of his biggest international best-selling books is Emotional Balance (Hay-House).

He has worked and taught workshops with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Masaro Emoto and many others. He has developed many new holistic therapies such as Omega Healing and Remote Chi (Distance Healing). He has developed over a 1000 natural remedies sold in USA, China and Europe.

He has been a Holistic Doctor for 40 years and has taught over 250,000 therapists, doctors, managers and laypersons his techniques; millions of his 84 books have been sold. Keynote Speaker: He is a world-renowned keynote speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide, and lectures throughout Europe, South and North America, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, China and the Caribbean.

Drs. Roy Martina, Holistic doctor, Quantum Mysticus

Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist

Drs. Roy Martina, Holistic doctor, Quantum Mysticus

About Dr. Joy Martina

Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist and a Channeler of Christallin Consciousness specializes in High-Level Intuitive Intelligence Training for entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities. She is a Bestselling Author, the Creator of the Christallin Oracle Training (a training to develop mastery over our innate psychic abilities), a Master Hypnotist and Trainer of Trainers.

Her new book, “How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life” gives everyone the education and insight the was formally given only to masters. Dr. Joy believes that everyone can develop their psychic skills and fundamentally alter their experience of life.

She is passionate about helping people strengthen their intuition, access their internal intelligence and use more of their potential to create the life of their dreams. She adores guiding people out of their stuck states and inspiring them to enjoy life.  

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