Personal Retreats
Dr. Joy Martina, Psychic Psychologist
Customized, Private and Personal Experiences
for People Who Are Ready for Rapid Change.
What could change for you...
if you give yourself a chance to have the focus exclusively on you?

Dr. Joy is trained and experienced to uncover your most hidden sabotages in your subconscious mind and erase them...for good!

What often takes months of sessions can be found and cleared in a highly concentrated personal retreat.
The Martina Sanctuary Awaits
From the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountain views to the renovated barn space created just for our retreats, the Sanctuary welcomes you to a perfect haven for rest & rejuvenation.​​​​​​

At your personal retreat, you will be a guest in our home and will enjoy comfortable, luxury accommodations, have full access to our grounds and retreat space and should plan time to explore the many activities and attractions that Asheville has to offer.
This is for you if:
You are ready to unplug and reconnect to your true self.
You are coping with grief or going through a rocky time in your life.
You are at the end of a relationship, restructuring your business or just going through a major transition.
If this is something that makes your heart sing
and you are ready for fast transformation,
these special personal retreats are for you.

Imagine being free...
Free from your mental burdens
Free from the painful incidents of your past
Free from your emotional pain

Free from limiting and negative beliefs

Free from worries, guilt, shame & anger

Free from insecurities & low self esteem
... and replacing these things with what you really, really desire!
"The goals we reach in this week are simply amazing!"
- Eduardo, Italy

Imagine having the luxury to receive Dr. Joy Martina's total attention
all day long in a refreshing, revitalizing and  healing environment. 

Welcome  to “The Sanctuary”, a haven created for peace and regeneration.

A haven where you can reinvigorate, detoxify, rejuvenate and heal your bodies after the strain and stress of your exhausting day-to-day life.

Share in this special haven.

Experience connecting with nature at a deeper level.

Be showered with  affection and appreciation.

These personal retreats were created just for you!

An entire day (or two) away from all distractions...
Relaxing, feeling uplifted and inspired by beauty
while healing with grace, ease and joy.

You are always such a beautiful and special coach...thank you very much for enriching my life.
Chiara, Italy

Enjoy 'having it all', whatever 'it' means for you personally
Unshakeable Confidence in Your Abilities
Access to Your Power Resources
Enjoying Every Moment
Emotional Freedom to be Your Authentic Self
Happy Loving Relationships
A Healthy Body That Ages Beautifully
Loving Life and Feeling Grateful
Feeling Strong, Courageous and Resilient in the Process!

Limited personal retreats are available.
 Retreats start at $5k per day and can be customized to include additional therapies and activities offered at the Sanctuary.
Hear What Our Sanctuary Guests Have to Say

Finally, relax and unplug from everyday life because you’re worth it!

Standard Personal Retreat Features:
A virtual strategy session to determine your most important goals and priorities for the retreat.
Custom crafted coaching for fast transformation.
Hands-on healing session from Dr. Joy to balance your chakras & reconnect you to your light.
Channeled card reading session with Dr. Joy to assess your current situation and see what lies ahead.
Yoga Sessions with tips to align your body with health & vitality.
Healthy, organic lunches plus nourishing refreshments throughout the day.
Á la Carte Retreat Add-Ons & Therapies Offered at the Sanctuary:
A Transformational Spiritual Experience
Horseback Riding
Artistic Expression Therapy
Age Regression & Inner Child Work
Family Constellation
Past Life Regression
Gemstone Therapy
Magnetfield Therapy
Styling & MakeUp Sessions
Shamanic Healing
Quantum Massage
Christallin Source Healing
Oberon Biofeedback
Quantum Hypnosis
Matrix Energetics
Omega Health Coaching
Nutritional Testing and Desensitization
Phobia Transformation
And More!

Speaking, traveling, and running an Inc 500 company are all a dream come true, but everyone needs a break. Thank God I discovered Dr. Joy and Roy Martina and their beautiful Sanctuary Healing Center in Asheville, North Carolina. I feel renewed from head to toe and inside and out. It's like I had a month retreat in just five days. I feel more connected to my body, purpose, and intuition about it all. Excited to get back to my mission with a new level of focus, inspiration and the kind of delight that only comes from feeling completely nurtured. I highly recommend you apply to be considered for this exclusive experience.

Lisa Sasevich 
The Queen of Sales Conversion

Personal Retreat Variations
Goddess Girlfriend Retreats
This customized retreat is for 3-5 women looking for powerful, small group coaching and change at a cellular level.

This is where we clear the mental programming, limiting patterns, negative social/religious conditioning that affects all women - and prevents us from "Having it All", deep sh#%% and release the negative cellular imprints, social conditioning and mental programming that's keeping us trapped in the guilt/shame/fear cycle.

Joy is an Oracle best known for channeling the "Christallin consciousness" and creating tangible energy vortex for the people she works with. In this Goddess Girlfriend Retreat, you will get to experience this healing and highly transformative force field and learn how to create it yourself through hotseats and group clearings/healings.

Let's unveil the Goddess in YOU!


Rekindle the Flame Retreat

This retreat is for the couples who wish to uplevel their relationship. With specialized relationship therapies, we help you find the clarity to make a roadmap for healing.

Spend your personal retreat discovering why you fell in love and nourish newly planted seeds of passion. Where there is love, there are always the roots of a fulfilling and gratifying relationship. By applying just a few simple communication strategies, you can watch the deeply rooted potential of your relationship blossom to full bloom once again. 

Learn how to restore the seemingly effortless flow of being in love.

Limited personal retreats are available.
  Retreats start at $5k per day and can be customized to include additional therapies and activities offered at the Sanctuary.
"Coaching with Joy is a profound experience."
- Heather, San Diego, CA
Meet Dr. Joy
The Psychic Psychologist

Dr. Joy Martina is an Omega Healing Life Coach (where she met Roy), a Hypnotherapist, an Expert in Holographic Projection of Intention (Psycho-informationology, a method developed by Professor Ignatenko), has the status of a Remote Viewer (formed with the former agent of the CIA: David Moorehouse), is an expert in Matrix Energetics (Richard Bartlett method), and a Christallin Oracle trained channel to powerful masters and luminous beings that assist in healing, strategic counseling, and good fortune.

She is the coauthor of six books, including the bestseller: “Sleep Your Fat Away,” and is the creator of ICON (International Christallin Oracles Network), that are a group of oracles who continue to train and conduct research on the future for the well-being of planet earth.

“Joy knew at first sight, what was going on inside me. She saw it, Fear. A lot of fear; fear of being alone. I came to The Sanctuary and addressed my relationship. Wow. I have learned so much. I see and think with love and not with bitterness. I  feel with my heart again and I'm softer and calmer. My relationship is not a dream, but it's getting really good. There is so much progress that has unfolded since I left! I don't over-dissect situations, and I’m not waiting for  another volcano to erupt. Finally, there is joy and ease in me again. My life now has regular rituals that we activated at the retreat. I’m so grateful for the care and quality of Joy’s intuitive listening, honest, educated opinion and emergency help. I got a lot more than a band-aid! I AM DOING REALLY WELL. Thank you!”  - Moni

“When I called to book my retreat, I couldn't figure out exactly what was wrong, or what I needed. I just knew I was not able to cope with my state of mind...just not being happy! I am a strong woman who used to have such agility...I’ve gone from one doctor to the other over the years, everybody listens ...but nothing ever seems to really make a lasting difference...


Joy started in a place where many doctors failed. The stay with Joy, is hard to describe... one has to experience it. Joy started in a place doctors never did, she allowed for a deep centering that I now know how to access in the midst of overwhelm or when something doesn’t work the way I planned. Since my stay at The Sanctuary, I continue to feel so strong and clear and light, so much has changed for me since our sessions. And, my skin, for which I have visited the five best doctors the past three years, hasn't looked this good in years! I am eternally grateful for the inner and outer changes. It’s true - Joy opened the door and showed me what is possible. She is a magic fairy who makes your dreams come alive...a truly gifted psychic and psychologist. Don’t miss the chance to visit her now!” - Feel very hugged, Sylvia

"My session with Joy was an incredible experience! She is such a calming force with fantastic abilities. Now I know why she is the “Psychic Psychologist!”  Joy confirmed all those things I had always sensed and never spoken, without ever meeting me before my personal retreat. After following the guidance we found together through my own inner wisdom, I am healing and getting much better. I feel strong again and life is all new."

Thank you, Peter

"My retreat at The Sanctuary with Joy Martina initiated and brought forth a totally new quality of life. I finally feel strong again. What an incredible experience!  The therapy, the tools, the tips and the practices are allowing me to get better and stronger every day. My skin rashes have vanished - things are changing. Thank you, Joy, for the incredible therapy! I’ll be back next year!”  - Helmut 

More Stories of Working with Drs. Joy & Roy Martina
"...if you have a phobia, I know what Joy is doing really works."
- Meredith, San Diego, CA

Limited personal retreats are available.
  Retreats start at $5k per day and can be customized to include additional therapies and activities offered at the Sanctuary.