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Welcome to the Christallin Oracle Family

You were born with innate psychic abilities. Yes, YOU.

As a child, you trusted your gut and you were able to make snap decisions about what was best for you. Somewhere along the way, however, most of us lose this ability.

We are worn down by our past experiences, fear of judgement, desire to please others, and this results in a disconnection from our Higher Self.

Have you ever looked back on an experience that “went badly” and thought, “wow, I had a weird feeling about that from the start?” You knew something wasn’t right, but you didn’t act on your intuition.

When we lose that crystal clear connection with our Higher Self, we become unsure of our true purpose, we battle with self doubt, and we feel overwhelmed by all that life throws at us.

Our Oracle Trainings will give you the tools and the confidence to know what’s right for you and to act on it.

You will tap into your instincts and become wholly aligned with your heart and mind. This will bring peace, clarity, and joy BACK into your life.

When you take the time to strengthen your Higher Self connection, you gain a lot of power… Like the awesome power to channel and interpret the Universe’s infinite wisdom.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not! And I’m ready to teach you how.

Today is the PERFECT day to make a commitment to yourself.

Get Access to 
Universal Information

The recording of this 4 day intensive seminar will teach you the basics of clearing negativities, blocks, and doubts until your holographic channel is crystal clear for multidimensional channeling. You will learn how to protect yourself, ground yourself, and bypass your ego and doubts.
Develop your Sixth Sense 
and Intuition

You will learn how to balance your chakras in new ways to increase your frequencies and be able to go in the Theta Brainwave State (Trance) faster. You will explore automatic writing, playing with a pendulum and connecting with the Intelligence of the Universe.
Discover, understand and 
live your life's purpose

Connecting to your Highest Self, is like having a GPS in life. By reestablishing and strengthening this connection, you can avoid feeling confused, empty, and insecure in your decision making and find direction and purpose in life.
Day 1
Opening Your Channels
On the first day we start by setting our intentions and learning about it means to become an Oracle. We explore finding the space of your heart, clearing your chakras, the science of ground, defeating fear and so much more. The day also includes a past life regression meditation that you can follow along with.  Learning how to channel divine insights and wisdom will be just one of the new skills you'll be adding to your lightworker's toolbox.
Day 2
Experiencing the Transformation
We kick off day 2 with declaring our wishes into the universe and doing the work that helps us align to our life's purpose.Throughout the day we'll be covering topics like raising your vibrational frequency, sound healing, and how to discover the meaning life holds for you. Of course this wouldn't be an Oracle Masterclass without several live powerful and uplifting meditations!
Day 3
Healing Trauma & Downloading Genius
Day 3 is certainly an exciting day because we discuss all of our favorite techniques for lightening our daily burdens. With a special breathing technique taught to us by a Tibetan monk you will learn how to release the energetic imprint a traumatisch experience may have left behind and with it, the draining emotional toll it takes. You'll learn how to discover your hidden talents, how to download genius abilities from your most admired role models, and how to employ remote healing techniques.
Day 4
Making Your Light Shine
Day 4 always comes around too quickly and that's why we make sure we end on a high note! We'll start the day with a "Making Your Light Shine' meditation and we'll cover fun and exciting topics such as channeling with cards, how to create your own inner sanctuary of healing, practical advice on putting your Oracle skills to good use, and 3 easy steps to connect to your higher resources. You'll find yourself more in tune with your intuition and each time you watch these video's you'll activate a deeper layer of understanding and prowess.
About Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

Known worldwide as “Miracle Makers”, Dr. Roy Martina, MD, and Dr. Joy Martina are Holistic Health Experts & leaders in the field of Transformational Change and Brain Training.

Together they have over 40 years experience in their fields & have taught more than 250,000 people from the public to specialists and scholars about the most innovative methods, techniques, and practices that lead not only to health and wellness, but transform lives fundamentally.

Their work spreads love into the hearts of thousands through the magic of Rapid Positive, Lasting Change a.k.a Miracles!

About the Video Recordings You're About to Receive...

We record and share everything! If you can't be there live, you'll still get full access.

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You will have full life time access to the recordings of the ENTIRE 4-day intensive seminar and you can watch the videos as often as you want. In fact, we recommend you watch them multiple times to really absorb all of the layers of the universal information that is lying at your finger tips...

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Includes the Flowcharts We Use Daily & More

Connecting to your Highest Self, is like having a GPS in life. By reestablishing and strengthening this connection, you can avoid feeling confused, empty, and insecure in your decision making and find direction and purpose in life.
This training is for anyone who desires to be: 
feel more grounded or centered
access the healing theta brainwave state (used for meditation and healing) quickly
cut the links with painful experiences and experience real freedom from the past
balance their chakras to access the quantum field of magical manifestation
get rid of negative energies that are lowering their vibrational state
​​​​​​receive and actually channel messages from the Higher Self for the self & others
strengthen the connection with their Higher Self and use this energy for healing (self and others)
become aligned with their higher purpose and mission
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