Omega Healing

Imagine yourself free of all malice and disease.

Imagine illness as a distant memory you can leave behind without any qualms and spearhead your personal life, career and social presence to the zenith of success. It doesn’t really matter how many coaches you connect with or the number of trainings you visit. If you do not have the treasure of health, all your efforts may be in vain.

80% of people on the corporate ladder feel the need to disconnect from the stressful life they lead. Almost all professions have become insanely demanding. Combined with worries of mortgages and tax payments and obviously unhealthy eating habits, the 21st century populace is reeling under the pressure of a myriad debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Dr. Roy Martina is a welcome breath of fresh air in a landscape that is choc-full of medicines, invasive surgeries and damaging chemicals and toxins. A holistic healer with 30 years of experience in the disciplines of acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki; he has come up with a revolutionary 12 step system which is the ultimate immunity and natural resistance boost that can amplify the healing effects of any form of conventional treatment.

The Omega Healing Audios speak directly to the subconscious mind, gently guiding it to a state where it genuinely believes that the body is free of disease and thus starts acting accordingly. Studies show that strong belief can affect the cellular structure of human beings and this is exactly what the Omega Healing Audios trigger!

Used as a preventive measure or as a complement to traditional medicines and therapies, the Omega system comprises of 12 passive meditation audios which can ensure that you take the first, concrete step towards natural healing, health and vitality.

"This season, I worked with Johannes Ludwig and made a considerable contribution to his winning gold and bronze in luge for the Olympics. Omega Healing is still my pet hobby and I am very grateful to Roy for teaching us this method!"

Rainer, Germany

Omega Healing Audios

This package includes 12 audio sessions designed to target different areas of healing that will train your body to align with its innate wisdom and promote health at the cellular level.

The Omega Audio Sessions:
The Regulator: 

Connect with your ‘Regulator’ and re-program it for an abundance of health, positivity and vitality

A New Identity: 

An audio that can help you create a positive, empowering image of yourself in keeping with your health goals and desires

Relaxation and Inner Healer: 

An optimal relaxation system that will help you de-stress in a jiffy!

Programming the Immune System: A conditioning audio which can help our immune system function at its optimum capacity thus eliminating susceptibility to bacteria and viruses
Biological Rejuvenation: 

An audio that can train the Regulator to stem the production of free radicals and detoxify our body effectively

Programming your DNA: You can free your DNA from the negative factors of y
our ancestors.
You can sever the chain of karmic bounds of the prior generations, which feed your need to suffer and thus generate negative weakening beliefs about you.
Programming of the Nervous System: An incorrectly programmed autonomous system can hemorrhage your health! This audio helps you get back in sync with the brainwaves of success and longevity.
Synchronization of the Electromagnetic Fields: Your unique electromagnetic field  can attract negative thoughts, feelings and experiences into your life. This audio ensures that your aura reflects the vibrations of health and happiness.
Harmonization of the Chakras: Your chakras stand for your life lessons. Blocked chakras produce skewed electromagnetic fields and cause stress and nervous tension. This audio harmonizes your chakras ensuring evolve in quantum leaps.
Metaphorical Healing Session:  With  Metaphorical Healing, you are cleansed of all negative and traumatic past memories, cementing the catharsis initiated in the 6th Audio.
Maintenance: This audio session is geared to anchor your healing deep in your soul so that you can retain your new neural pathways and balance your aura.
Anti-Cancer: By 2020, 1 family out of 3 will have a member afflicted with cancer. Keeping the pandemic of carcinoma in mind, Dr. Roy has created a preventive audio that boosts the immune system and braces the mind-body connection to successfully fight off cancer.

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World-Renowned Holistic Medicine Specialist

Dr. Roy Martina

Holistic MD, Business Coach, Peak Performance Specialist

The DNA-mix of Bruce Lee, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk & Deepak Chopra 

with over 40 years of practice as a medical physician

After being disappointed with the symptomatic approach of western medicine, Dr. Roy became an acupuncturist and studied how to heal chronic diseases. He has cured thousands of patients and developed his healing method called the OMEGA Healing. Now he brings 40 years of experience as a medical physician, to his teaching of this method worldwide, including in China, where he established the Martina Academy to train trainers who will be teaching his methods all across China. ( He is now developing a new Center that will be the a leading-edge, advanced Wellness & Rejuvenation Facility in the world.

Grab your Omega Healing audios for Just €97!

Grab Yours Here and Start Healing Today!

"I have experienced Joy & Roy Martina in a session. I am very impressed with their methods. I really encourage you to work with them. I’ve done work with them and it’s really quite phenomenal!"

-Jack Canfield (Originator of the 100 million-copies-sold of Chicken Soup for the Souls® series)

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