Accelerate healing and prevent disease with this synergistic mind-body program developed by renowned holistic MD, Dr. Roy Martina. 
The Omega Healing 12 part brain training audio series 

is designed to accompany you throughout the course of a year. It uses the full power of the mind for healing and prevention of illness.

The Omega Health Coaches, personally trained by Drs. Joy and Roy Martina, apply this method, which integrates the most effective strategies of the holistic healing method and many other techniques to achieve a greater healing synergy.

This series of 12 Omega Healing meditations was developed by Dr. Roy Martina, MD. for prevention of disease and to accelerate healing during illness. The meditations are able to tap into the subconscious mind, effectively dissolving blocks that have, over time, can contribute to the weakening of the immune system and chronic illness or disease. The Omega Healing Audios reprogram the mind to be 100% congruent with healing, health and happiness.

Medical advice: These Omega Healing meditations are not intended to replace other treatments recommended by your doctor. They have been created to support every type of treatment and to activate and stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body.

Sample the Omega Healing System

We feel so strongly in the ability of this system to support improved health and happiness, that we are willing to give our first Omega Healing audio away, completely for FREE ($10 value!)

The Regulator

Omega Healing Audio 1 introduces you to the Regulator: the part of your brain that regulates the autonomous nervous system, the subconscious & all the metabolic processes of your organs. The regulator controls how you age & influences everything that has to do with your hormones, blood, dreams, regeneration, secretions, immune system & DNA.

You'll learn how to connect to your Regulator,  and reprogram it for success, vitality & health.

Start Reprogramming my Regulator for Health Now!
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This season, I worked with Johannes Ludwig and made a considerable contribution to his winning gold and bronze in luge for the Olympics. Omega Healing is still my pet hobby and I am very grateful to Roy for teaching us this method!
Rainer, Germany
Omega Healing Audios

The 12 Part Audio Series Includes:

Audio 1: The Regulator
Audio 2: A New Identity
Audio 3: Relaxation & the Inner Healer
Audio 4: Programming the Immune System

Audio 5: Biological Rejuvenation

Audio 6: Programming the DNA
Audio 7: Programming the Nervous System
Audio 8: Synchronisation of the Electromagnetic Fields
Audio 9: Harmonisation of the Chakras
Audio 10: Metaphoric Healing
Audio 11: Maintenance
Audio 12: Mental Protection Against Cancer & Support While Fighting Cancer
The sessions with you are so powerful and inspiring/constructive... so much has changed and shifted since we started. Every time we connect I feel more free, cheerful and self confident. My belief and trust in myself, my talents and abilities is growing. And I am feeling more and more worthy and loving. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Martina, Germany