Upper Limit Breakthrough Training
 The Alchemy of Abundance and the Secret of a Life Without Financial Worries 
The 3-day life changing training that transforms limiting beliefs at every level, so you can live your best life.
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It’s no secret these are challenging times filled with (financial) uncertainty and fear.
Now, more than ever, it is the best time to work on healing your relationship with abundance, which is undeniably interwoven with your self worth.

That’s why we have brought the life-changing Upper Limit Breakthrough Training to life.

To help you overcome your limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance. This is the first layer as these limiting beliefs are the expressions of what lays underneath: the belief of who you truly are.

The Secret Taboo: Money Worth IS Self Worth.

We are going to break through this taboo of money and self worth, and we want you to be ready…

Who Are We?
Your Trainers for your Upper Limit Breakthrough!
Drs. Roy Martina

I learned at age six that I had brain damage and, as a result, could not learn in school. Meanwhile, I have written 88 books, of which millions have been sold. I have also trained more than 250,000 people in my methods worldwide. In addition, I have been working day and night for 12 years trying to figure out how everyone can use the Quantum Laws. During The Path to breaking through your Upper Limit, I will teach you everything I've discovered.

Milan Somers

I was trapped in the rat race, was a company director, and came face to face with my Upper Limit. So I decided to drastically change my life by looking for the sabotage mechanisms of the subconscious mind. Now, I’ve written two books, and I’ve trained thousands of people who, in turn, help others create breakthroughs by clearing limiting beliefs.

Stacey Seedorf

Manifestational power gave me world fame in music and made me a multimillionaire by age 23. Unfortunately, this success backfired, and as a result, I lost myself. Since then, I’ve made a spiritual breakthrough and manifested a way back to worldwide success. I’m a Top Mindset Coach and have written ten books on freeing yourself from mental prison and manifestation.

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And we invite you to Break Through Your Upper Limit! 
The only training that is designed to plant the seeds of abundance deep in every level of your being: mental, emotional, spiritual, and quantum -- where they will grow rapidly and expand your wealth and wellness consciousness to new levels.
Our mission is to help you break free from your money stress and create a positive relationship with abundance in all areas of your life
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⭐️ You will learn to quickly find and remove every limiting belief that lowers your upper limit.

⭐️ Each of those beliefs has been affecting you for your entire life, and now you’ll be able to transform each belief in minutes instead of spending years trying to overcome them through willpower.

⭐️ You’ll experience Quantum Jumps to a future timeline where prosperity and balance is your natural way of living… 

⭐️ You’ll learn how to leave an energetic anchor in that future so that it becomes your present reality.

⭐️ And how to transmute low self-esteem into confidence that works like a money magnet.

⭐️ And finally, you’ll learn how to clear your entire being (including past karma) of all blocks so that the Law of Attraction can finally start working for you.
Why the Upper Limit Breakthrough and why now?
The system is broken.

Most of the world’s wealth is hoarded by an elite few who use their money and influence to do whatever they want.

They have made money a taboo subject. Especially for people who consider themselves spiritual

Does that mean money is evil?

No, it means the world needs balance.

More healers, lightworkers, teachers, coaches, and open-hearted entrepreneurs who are in flow with the energy of abundance.

Who can use their wealth to help people more easily and quickly…

To make the world a better and fairer place.

The time has come for a new paradigm.
Money is energy. But in most of us, this energy is blocked because of limiting beliefs.

These beliefs come from our parents, the media, society, and traumatic experiences.

Together, these beliefs form your Upper Limit.

Your Upper Limit is an invisible ceiling determining how much your subconscious mind tolerates success, money, love, health, and luxury.

And that is what stops you from attracting more wealth.

 Ever earned more money than usual, only to lose it because of something unexpected? 
Unconsciously you build a comfort zone that becomes a prison from which it is difficult to get out because your self-esteem is linked to your Upper Limit.

When you manifest more money than your Upper Limit lets you, you immediately sabotage and influence your environment to cause incidents that cost you money.

You probably know exactly what we’re talking about.

5 channels have been determining your Upper Limit.
From birth, you are hypnotized about money, abundance, and finances through 5 channels:

1. What you see in your environment and how your parents deal with money.
2. What you hear being said about money.
3. The things that make you feel tension about money.
4. How you experience scarcity.
5. How hard your parents work for money.  
But you can transcend your Upper Limit and manifest prosperity. 
What if you could reprogram your mind and brain for the effortless attraction of money?

And begin a new journey to a brighter life and future filled with ease and joy?

That is the purpose of Breaking Through Your Upper Limit.

What makes this training unique is that it’s transformational.

We’re not just going to teach you these techniques…

We’re going to actively integrate them into your system.

When you complete the training, you will have opened your life's faucet of financial flow.
And you’ll have the tools to keep increasing that flow for the rest of your life.

Other courses or trainings about money and abundance usually revolve around investing and business strategies.

They don’t help you remove your inner blocks to making money and certainly don’t increase your upper limit.

In fact, most coaches and trainers have yet to learn what the Upper Limit even is.

That is why the Upper Limit Breakthrough Training is the only event in the world that removes your financial Upper Limit.
Our mission is to help you break free from your Upper Limit and never have to worry about money again.

Did you know there are 3 types of money-related stress?

✔️ Acute stress: This happens unexpectedly or when the final drop makes the bucket overflow.

✔️ Repetitive acute stress: This is the stress you experience at the end of every month when you’re (nearly) at your financial limit.

✔️ Chronic stress: This means you’re stressed about money all the time and feel stuck in a downward spiral.

We want you to be free of ALL money-related stress.

And for you to learn from our mistakes to clear the path to abundance once and for all.
Join us and our guest trainers, and discover the Alchemy of Abundance
Guest Trainers
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Vilna van Betten is the founder of the Happy Healing Academy and author of the bestseller 'HEEL'. She discovered how incredibly simple it is to reset and clear obstacles. She makes use of quantum physics, positive psychology, Eastern wisdom and energetic medicine. In the meantime, so many people have benefited from her approach that she is a much sought-after speaker and healer, resetting your cell memory with love, humor and passion and letting you experience your own potential. She looks forward to you being able to receive abundance and that you feel and know more than you think. You are abundance!!
Janosh is known as the alchemist in sneakers, and in addition to being a digital artist, is also a gifted healer. He is the author of several books and the developer of Activations. During a deep meditation his potential was activated, after which he was suddenly able to perceive energies from one day to the next. The most beautiful observations are colorful, geometric holograms, which he started to recreate on his computer. The geometric images that Janosh receives from the Arcturians are in reality 'codes', which he combines with sound healing. During an activation you quickly enter a deep meditation where head and heart connect with each other. It is a spiritual sensation that gives you answers to all your life questions.
Evelien van Pelt is a world-famous top athlete, model, actress and the coach behind EVP Coaching. Because of her special career, she uniquely knows what it's like to take on challenges and to stay motivated at all times. As a coach, she tackles every level: physical (exercise & nutrition), mental &  emotional (consciousness & mindset) & soul (quantum jumping). She is a Quantum Channeler, Hypnotist and Top Manifester on a soul level. Her mission is to help you find yourself back in your power and to support you in achieving your goals and dreams, also in the field of manifesting, so that you really become the best version of yourself!
Remo Vloet is a renowned tech entrepreneur who has built multiple international, innovative tech businesses and garnered numerous accolades in the process. Recognized as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 25 by Sprout magazine, Vloet has positively disrupted various industries. His most recent ventures include groundbreaking blockchain technologies, AI applications for businesses and consumers, and Quantum Life. As the managing director of Quantum Life, Vloet collaborates with Roy Martina and other professionals to develop the world's first manifestation app, enabling users to turn their dreams into reality.

Briony is an expert in business and education innovation, passionate about developing new ways to build society or micro-societies. She also coaches entrepreneurs and pioneers in the field of innovative leadership and creative entrepreneurship together with Roy Martina, Stacey Seedorf and Milan Somers. She founded an innovative primary school in Belgium and was director there for five years. She launched several initiatives over the past 20 years, including events with more than 3000 visitors, inviting children and adults to connect with their core talents and dreams. She is currently co-creating with Roy the concept of the Quantum School as an innovative school concept for the Micro-Societies.

Wassim Monzer (aka WisMiz) is renowned for his expertise in high-ticket sales and quantum influence. With a personal journey of growth and self-discovery, through his triumphs over social anxiety, depression, and near-death experiences, Wassim has unlocked the secrets of tapping into untapped potential and redefining what's possible. As the visionary founder of The Quantum Sales Academy™, Wassim has empowered hundreds to master high-ticket sales, unlock the power of quantum influence, transcend limitations and achieve extraordinary success and the freedom to travel the world. Buckle up, he’s about to share his knowledge, stories, and actionable insights, for you to gain valuable expertise in high-ticket sales and quantum influence that WILL inspire and transform your perspective.

Given the breakthroughs experienced during the live event, we KNOW it will be transformational.
We don’t believe in coincidence.

It’s needed now, so we expect the Upper Limit Breakthrough Training to sell quickly, especially since we’re offering it at a highly affordable price.

So much so, that not registering for the Upper Limit Breakthrough Training could be your most expensive decision ever.

Because how would your life change if you had zero blocks to attracting money?

And if your Upper Limit wasn’t a limit at all?

How much good could you do, and how many people could you help?

What would that mean for your family, friends, and the world around you?

 Do you want to stop struggling? 
Don’t you just wish that it could be easier?

That you earn a living doing what you love, serving others and helping people, without worrying about paying the bills?

Do you want to stop lying awake at night trying to figure out how to make enough money to…

Provide for your family…
Stop feeling trapped in a cycle of financial ups and downs…
Have enough saved up in case of an emergency…
Retire without having to work well past the retirement age…
Be able to take your family on vacation and buy nice things for them without stress…
Invest in your personal growth and health?
Then the Upper Limit Breakthrough Training is for you!
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Join us and discover a new way to heal your relationship with money. 
Transform the limiting beliefs that have held you back your entire life. And experience brighter, happier timelines where you’re living your best life.

Sign up now to change how you think and feel about money, wealth, and abundance:

Why everything you know about manifesting is probably not true, and how it can be done much faster and easier.
How a simple writing exercise can help you uncover the deep sabotaging beliefs you have about money -- and how you can remove them forever.
That working harder is NOT the solution.
The 5-minute Quantum Timeline Technique that attracts the future in which you never worry about having enough money.
The ‘crisis proof’ Manifestation trick we teach so that you can attract financial abundance no matter the circumstances (it’s not a business or investment strategy).
How to reprogram your mind to be free from limiting beliefs about money… (the same beliefs that stop you from earning more and block your creativity no matter how much you do your best).
Roy really is the Master of the Breaking through the Upper Limit. What he taught me is priceless and I am eternally grateful to him. Roy worked with me on my sabotage mechanisms, money blocks and helped me raise my upper limit. I highly recommend his workouts, especially when it comes to abundance and boundless manifestation.
Raphael Bexx
Music Producer & Sound Healing Artist
Not convinced? I (Roy) found 112 sabotaging beliefs about money in my subconscious.
Each of those limiting beliefs was like a weight pulling me down.

How many do you think you have?

When you have a way to transform those beliefs into something positive…

Then, and only then, will you be free to rise.

It has nothing to do with your business strategies or how hard you work.

You don’t have to know the ‘how’ of making money.

 You only need to clear the path so that the energy of abundance can flow through you. 
Most people are looking for a solution on the outside.

They try to work harder or smarter…

Using productivity apps or techniques…

They may outsource their work to free up more time.

These are good business strategies.

But good business strategies won’t help if your mind works against you.

The limiting sabotaging beliefs buried in your subconscious are like iron chains pulling you into the deep, no matter how hard you try to swim to the surface.
How do we know this works?
Each one of us has had BIG financial ups and downs.
Roy has gone through two burnouts and bankruptcy…
Milan had to throw his whole life upside down to avoid losing it all…
And Stacey lost everything and had to start all over…
And now, we’ve combined our experiences, research, and insights for the ultimate transformational experience on manifesting purpose, wealth, and your best life.
What a great training! Energy, strength and inner change!
Maud Overeem
We've been secretly experimenting with a small group of people.
And when things started to change for all of us, we knew we were on the right track.

Let us tell you a story about someone in that group…

He’s self-employed because he values freedom and wants to take charge of his life.

He doesn’t want much.

Just to have a good life where he can earn a good living by helping others.

He made it through the C*vid lockdowns with just enough work to get by.

But he had no savings and no buffer in case anything went wrong.

And then inflation happened…
He lives in his fiancée’s parents' house and plans to get married next year. After that, he wants to buy a home or find an apartment, so he and his fiancée can have a place of their own.

When he came to me asking for help, things were looking bleak.

He felt like a failure, constantly stressed, and wracked with guilt over being unable to give his future wife the life she deserves.

He couldn't shake the feeling of hopelessness as he watched his bank account dwindle.

He was tired of always having to say ‘no’ to everything.

So I started coaching him weekly by identifying his money blocks and turning them into empowering beliefs.

And now, just a few weeks later, he’s completely free of money stress…
He has more money in his bank account than he’s ever had. Yet he’s working less than he was before.
And his clients are so happy with what he’s doing that they recommend him to others every chance they get.

All thanks to a few simple belief transmutation exercises and something we call Quantum Timeline Jumping.

It’s so simple that it almost seems like magic.

He hasn't changed how he works…

He’s not spending a single penny on marketing his business…

We’ve done nothing except work on his internal money blocks.

He’s describing it like the floodgates of abundance have been opened.
He was skeptical at first.
But his bank account doesn’t lie.

And neither does the peace of mind he has now.

He sent us an audio message:

I thought I knew about manifestation, but this is different. I have lost the fear of not having enough money. Each month is better than the previous one. I don’t feel I’m forcing it. All I’ve been doing is the exercises you taught me. So I have hope for the future again. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed.

And that’s when we decided to make these techniques available to everyone.

Are you ready to invest in your abundant future today and save more money?

We’ve each paid thousands of euros for trainings and courses that never really made a difference. 

We don’t regret it because it helped us get to where we are today, but we wish we had discovered something like the Upper Limit Breakthrough Training years ago. 

What a difference that could have made…

So, if you take advantage of this low pricing and register today, you are investing:

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€ 99
excl. VAT

$119,79 incl. VAT
Roy's seminars are so great and really launch you like a rocket towards your (impossible) goals!!!
Rasmus Crab
Simply click on the button below to place your order. 
Join us and discover a new way to heal your relationship with money. Transform the limiting beliefs that have held you back your entire life. And experience brighter, happier timelines where you’re living your best life.
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What Happens After You Click The Button
What Happens When You Order?

Once you click the button above, you will be taken to our order page.
You can complete your order, after which you will receive an email confirmation and an email with your account details.
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We’re sure you won't regret it.
What will you choose?
You can ignore everything you’ve read today…

How working harder isn’t the solution.

And why the path to abundance is about removing and transforming the beliefs that define your Upper Limit.

You can become the happiest version of yourself without struggling and worrying about money.

Or you can choose to ignore all of this.

Missing all of this really is an option…

And if that’s your choice, we have no hard feelings. 

But we have to ask you something…

If you’ve been held back by your Upper Limit for all these years…

If you’ve tried meditating, channeling, and every ‘money-making strategy….’

And yet you’re still unable to get past your Upper Limit and self-sabotage…

Then what’s going to change if you don’t take action today?

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Join us and discover a new way to heal your relationship with money. Transform the limiting beliefs that have held you back your entire life. And experience brighter, happier timelines where you’re living your best life.
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Ultimately, the decision is yours…
And we hope you’ll make the right choice by joining us today.

Roy, Stacey & Milan

P.S. We realize we covered a lot today…

So let us go ahead and answer some of the most common questions we get asked about the Upper LImit Breakthrough Training…

That way, you can make your investment today with 100% confidence.

The Upper Limit Breakthrough Training was a live event called Moneyfestation that took place in Venlo, Netherlands, and recorded so you can now follow it as a video training.

The Upper Limit Breakthrough Training is the culmination of the best transforming beliefs and Manifestation techniques (especially related to money) that Roy, Milan, and Stacey have perfected.

  • You will learn how to quickly find and remove every limiting belief that lowers your Upper Limit.
  • You’ll learn how to Quantum Jump to a future timeline where prosperity is your natural way of living… and how to leave an energetic anchor in that future so that it becomes your present reality.
  • How to transmute low self-esteem into confidence that works like a money magnet.
  • How to be free of money-related stress once and for all.
  • And finally, you’ll learn how to clear your entire being (including past karma) of all blocks so that the Law of Attraction can finally start working for you.

The training consists of three full days, digitally mastered recordings plus accompanying audios.