LIVE Video Podcast Series: Money(Festation) Talks
with Roy Martina, Milan Somers and Stacey Seedorf
Welcome to the Money(Festation) Talks LIVE video Podcast Series, a groundbreaking journey designed to revolutionize your relationship with money, wealth, and abundance.
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In the Next Episode of MoneyTalks:
June 1st, 20:00 CET: Money & Self Love: During this special MoneyTalk, Roy, Stacey, and Milan will tackle the important conversation about the relationship between money and self-love and you will discover:
How self-worth is intrinsically linked to net-worth and what you need to do to galvanize that link.
Why money doesn't buy happiness and what you need to do first to find your inner joy.
The top ways you may be sabotaging your financial confidence because of a lack of self-love.
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Roy Martina is a prolific author, selling millions of copies worldwide. He has trained over 250,000 people as an expert with his innovative methods. For the past 12 years, Roy has dedicated himself to unlocking Quantum Laws for everyone's benefit.


Milan is one of the Netherlands' leading hypnotherapists and coaches, specializing in Quantum (self) Hypnosis. As a celebrated author of two books, he has trained thousands of individuals who now create breakthroughs for others by dismantling limiting beliefs.


Manifestational power gave Stacey world fame in music and made him a multimillionaire by age 23. Unfortunately, this success backfired, and as a result, he lost himself. He is a Top Mindset Coach and has written ten books on freeing yourself from mental prison and manifestation.

Register now for the next LIVE video podcast on June 1st 20:00 CET and unlock your access to the entire series, including the recordings of the previous MoneyTalks.
 Our Mission: 

The system is broken, and it's time for a new paradigm. During the MoneyFestation Talks, we will share a transformative approach to money, wealth, society, and the economy.

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities by embracing a fresh perspective on prosperity and abundance.

We invite you to join us on this life-changing journey as we unravel the mysteries of the subconscious mind, debunk myths surrounding money, and unveil innovative ways to create, attract, and distribute wealth.

We can build a future where everyone thrives in a harmonious, prosperous society. During Money(Festation) Talks, we, Roy, Milan, and Stacey will share our groundbreaking discoveries, providing you with the knowledge and tools to tap into your limitless potential.

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