Melt Away the Pain

Ease or even eradicate pain with this meditation in just 7 minutes!

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I am Ready to Melt Away My Pain NOW!
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I feel so much more joy and love inside me since I am working with your different kind of meditations!! Thank you Joy, you are such a beautiful and wonderful woman and loving heart! 
Margot, Austria
Mindfulness for Pain Management

This 7 minute brain training meditation will:

Help you connect with you body's innate healing wisdom
Support relaxation and release at a cellular level
Promote a belief system fueled by inner strength and health
Soothe brain patterns associated with pain and allow you to turn down the volume of the pain

** Listen to this audio throughout the day as often as needed and you can even use it as a sleep meditation! (Put it on repeat and have it running in the background at a barely audible level). No previous meditation experience necessary

The sessions with you are so powerful and inspiring/constructive... so much has changed and shifted since we started. Every time we connect I feel more free, cheerful and self confident. My belief and trust in myself, my talents and abilities is growing. And I am feeling more and more worthy and loving. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Martina, Germany