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Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2020
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It's the holiday season, and, boy, do we need holiday cheer more than ever this year! Tapping into our community and our own vault of self, health and wealth development products, we've curated a holiday gift giving guide to find the perfect gift for the self-development junkies in your life. These products are all aligned with our mission of being able to spread as much JOY as possible on this planet! You might even find a little something for yourself on here. Wink, wink. ;) Happy holidays from all of us over here on the Quantum Multiverse team. Sending you oodles of holiday cheer! 


These patches are uniquely designed to temporarily relieve tense muscles, reduce stress, soothe discomfort, and help you relax. Natural elements, such as geranium, red ginseng & marine phytoplankton are combined in this water soluble adhesive to provide a safe, all-natural solution for daily relaxation.

Song Crystals Book

“How far would you go to help a friend?”- is the central issue of this beautiful book.  Toni and Leo, two young school kids, have to answer this question at a very early age. Theirs is a story of real friendship which reveals the truth about winning and losing. Deep in their heart of hearts, they both instinctively know what is right and what they have to do. 

Full Moon Ritual Package

For your "witchy"friends... This Full Moon Ritual Package includes a Spell Book, a Crystal Charging Ceremony Audio, a Full Moon Brain Training Audio, a Moon Water Recipe and a bonus meditation to rekindle the light within and shift the energy for the highest good. Get a very restful night’s sleep, find your center & live a more fulfilling and joyful life each & every cycle!


Our one-of-a-kind headband headphones - SleepPhones® and RunPhones® - promote sound sleep and healthy lifestyles in ways you've never heard. With thin, adjustable and high-quality audio speakers nestled inside a comfortable, wearable, and washable band, AcousticSheep products make listening to audio easy.

Omega Healing Audios

This revolutionary 12 audio series, the Omega Healing Audios, speak directly to the subconscious mind, gently guiding it to a state where it genuinely believes that the body is free of disease and thus starts acting accordingly. Studies show that strong belief can affect the cellular structure of human beings and this is exactly what the Omega Healing Audios trigger!

Feng Shui Consultation by Rainer Wemhöner

As a Feng Shui - BalanceBringer Rainer will support you to return balance back into your life, your house, your apartment, into togetherness with friends and relatives. Our living and working spaces form our direct environment. The place where we spend most of our time should be designed so that our bodies are supported and vitalized. 

Angel Meditations

75% off from now until Christmas! This series of 12 channeled audios by Dr. Joy Martina is a beautiful collection of guided meditations, each approx. 45 mins to 1 hour in length to summon ease, grace & love into your life. They effortlessly help you connect with angelic frequencies daily for guidance & healing.

Klangei Sound Egg

Imagine listening to the music & feeling it with each of your cells. Experiment with it, hold the Klangei to your chest, your head & let yourself be surprised how it works to hear and feel the Klangei behind your ear. Ideal for trainers & spiritual teachers who want to create the right learning climate & transport their own stories. Please enter referral code (Gutscheincode) KlangSEIN when ordering.

How to Use Your Intuition to Change Your Life 

Joy Martina has helped thousands of people around the world activate and amplify their intuition with the five steps presented in this book. Read it, do these simple steps, and you will discover that intuition gives you a distinct advantage in difficult situations. As Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. Let Joy help you develop the gift.

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